The limitations of science as a method of finding truth Essay

The limitations of science as a method of finding truth, 494 words essay example

Essay Topic:science,truth

1. Explain the limitations of science as a method of finding truth.
The limitations of science as a method of finding the truth is that we can never be sure that we have discovered absolute truth. Because year after year we are re-discovering things.
2. Discuss in general terms how apparent conflicts between science and religion can be resolved.
Both science and religion require analysis and a step by step process to confirm the assumption in order to be successful in finding the truth.
3. Describe the role of exploration and discovery in the process of science.
The scientific method includes steps such as observation, hypothesis, testing, interpretation of the results, and finally, the conclusion. After this, the discovery must be presented to the scientific community to be recognized and re-viewed by the peers.
4. Describe the role of testing ideas in the process of science.
The experiment should be designed to try to isolate the phenomenon and the causal proposals. Testing will harvest results that can be compared to the expectation generated by the idea and it must be controlled.
5. Describe the role of scientific community interaction in the process of science.
The role of scientific community is to provide the basis of a cumulative knowledge that allows science to build on itself.
6. Provide two concrete examples of how the scientific process can be applied to your life.
a. First example is a concern that I will ask heavenly father to give me an answer. So first I got one idea about what is going to happen, then I do the experiment. From there I will assume or take my own conclusions comparing to my beginning idea, and then I will take my conclusions with what his actual will is.
b. The second example is about cooking. I come up with a new an idea, if I add a new ingredient, maybe the food will turn it better than before. I will then test it by offering the food to some friends and use their opinions to conclude whether or not the new recipe was better than the old one.
7. Provide two non-trivial examples of how science has impacted your life.
Science creates medicine for ill people. Another non-trivial example is the fuel that makes my car run.
8. Draw parallels between assessing scientific and religious claims.
Both scientific and religious needs to follow a process for example if you want to know if B+A=C you need to do experiment. In religion is the same if you want to know something you need to show faith and put yourself in a situation to get the outcomes.
9. Describe the importance of the formal peer review process to establishing scientific truths
The importance of the formal peer review is to provide a large amount of evidence or data to sustenance the assumptions. In addition, to institute the truth is to have the experiment repeated over and over so that the peer review process will intent to help in it.

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