What is Electoral College and what do I think about it? Essay

What is Electoral College and what do I think about it?, 495 words essay example

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Electoral College outdated and calls for its abolition, but if you ask me what do I think? But before that what do I think? "Electoral College, mean that a representatives of each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president." (O'Connor 2014, 327). Then I think yes, because how can the Electoral College vote for a president, and for each state is comparable to the senators and representatives that has in the U.S. Congress. "For example, gained four congressional districts, and therefore four additional seats in the House of Representatives and four additional votes in the Electoral College." (O'Connor 2014, 328) Even if the President Obama won the same states that he won then he will have won by few election votes. But the main thing that I can think of is what about the people? Can they votes more than Electoral College? Instead that, in my opinion is that people should speak up and be their voice heard despite it is not about the poor or wealthy is but which I am trying to understand myself in here. It is the people, not the Electoral College. "Most of the challenges faced by the Electoral College are the result of changes in the practice of elections that have occurred over time." (O'Connor 2014, 329)
Should regional differences play a role in the consideration of how we choose out President? Yes, and I don't see how well it should be. Because how the people's vote should be count more since now it's all on the states representatives to cast the votes. Another example would be is that if the person would run for becoming a President like trying to gather an attention from people? But what about people that need, and their voices to be heard also not just the person know everything about it but I assume that it's not. Another things, that come to my mind is the Electoral College are only focus knowing who that person is or rather did not look at the education background. In way of saying that is whatever the person get higher vote but it will be other person, who will become the president. Even the Electoral College is only to vote but should be focus on their background as if the person is worthy to become the president. "No further Electoral College crises have occurred." (O'Connor 2014, 330) By reformed of the 12th amendment has proceeded better than the College as originally planned, but it has not been problem. Because without a political parties, the recommending and selecting opinions of presidential choice, and a president. Overall, I am mostly want if the people will speak and allow their voice to be heard but rather to have a common sense. Because sometime, the people have different minds of thinking also should allow the people to more vote than Electoral College despite by all the ages is. But there is a lot of different issues such as the main things should be are.

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