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African Impact Program in Kenya, 492 words essay example

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About The Company

African Impact manages and runs responsible, meaningful and lowcost volunteer experiences as well as internship programs throughout Africa. The company was founded in 2004 and has grown into a leader in volunteer tourism in Africa. The company has more than 12,000 volunteers and interns placed in 12 countries around the world. They offer safe, fun and structured placements where volunteers appreciate their contribution to projects run in collaboration with conservation efforts and local communities.

A group of welltravelled people in 2004 deliberate about mutual desire to do something great which later grew into a plan, that mutual desire today is known as African Impact. The companys journey has been both humbling and inspiring.

African Impact Program in Kenya

In Kenya, there is more to see than the beautiful scenery. Kenya is rich in Samburu and Maasai cultures with modern cities and busy marketplaces. African Impact have so many affordable volunteer program in Kenya. Some of them include Big Cat Wildlife Research & Conservation, Masai Mara, Teaching & Community Support, Kenya and Vulnerable Childcare & Community Support, Kenya. They make sure that volunteers have a great time and also have positive contribution to projects. They always ensure that projects are sustainable and thoroughly evaluated.

African Impact primary projects in Kenya are

Big Cat Wildlife Research & Conservation, Masai Mara

Volunteers will assist in conservation efforts and conduct important research. They will go out on research drives to document big cat sightings, do game counts, locate big cats for the reserves tourists and assist with teaching and other development work in the local community. Volunteers will go out on research game drives two times a week to collect data for conservancy management. Participating in a wildlife photography internship is another major role of volunteers.

Teaching & Community Support, Kenya

As a volunteer, you will be teaching vulnerable children in the Limuru community, Kenya. Many of these children are orphaned, developmentally challenged and affected by HIV/AIDS. You will help to promote their development in impoverished, understaffed schools. You will spend your mornings assisting children with their classwork as well as practical, creative and resource development activities in the afternoon.

Vulnerable Childcare & Community Support, Kenya

Volunteers will provide assistance and gain experience in the underresourced, understaffed and overcrowded schools and orphanages in the rural Limuru area. They will get involved with African Impact projects like the Body of Christ Childrens Centre. Volunteers will also give to those who are developmentally challenged and in need of a smile, a kind word and some attention.

Disability Support & Skills Development, Kenya

One of the major functions of volunteers is to assist with stimulating projects like The Happy Africa Foundations and African Impact farming for food crops and also dairy cow donation projects. They will help patients with motor coordination, speech & communication challenges and personal hygiene. As a volunteer, you will spend time with the kids, share a game and make a lasting impact on their lives.

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