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In order to write the course work yourself, you need to clearly understand what it is.

Coursework is an independent scientific study of a student on a particular topic under study. The purpose of the writing of course work - is the student's attachment of knowledge obtained during the educational process of the subject. Thanks to the course work, it is easier for a teacher to test the quality of knowledge gained by the student and the ability to apply this knowledge to the solution of professional tasks.

Any coursework should include:

  • cover sheet;
  • content;
  • Introduction;
  • the main part;
  • practical part;
  • conclusion;
  • list of references;
  • applications.

The first thing you need to do, having got the theme of course work, is to pick and study literature on the topic.

Then you need to make a plan of work and agree with your supervisor and by analogy make a plan of the course (essentially the course - this is the same diploma, only less than 3 per volume). There must be at least 2 chapters in the course work. In each section, paragraphs 2 to 3.

The standard volume of course work is 25-30 sheets. Therefore, keep in mind that the subject will not be disclosed quite widely. The plan should contain the main points on the topic.

Writing input. In the introduction to the course work indicates the relevance of the problem, the degree of its development, research methods, and more.

We recall that the input and conclusion in their full form are based on already completed coursework and (or) thesis.

Writing the main part of course work. The main part should contain 2-3 chapters, comprehensively revealing the theme of course work. Each chapter must be divided into several paragraphs. Each chapter should contain the same number of paragraphs. It is necessary to highlight the main theses, each of which must contain an evidence base.

The material must be presented consistently and concisely so that one issue logically flows from the other.

Implementation of the practical part. So, for GPs engineers, this is a drawing done using the program AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc., for mathematicians - with the help of programs Mathcad, Maple, etc., for accountants - this is an analysis of the financial activity of the enterprise (using the program 1C and others), for lawyers - is a review of legal issues, analysis of judicial practice.

Writing a conclusion (the formulation of short but powerful conclusions on the topic). The conclusion of the course paper contains conclusions, the results of the solution of the tasks, analyzed and resolved in the work, a description of what contribution your course work into modern science has contributed. To write a conclusion you will help the article

Registration of the list of literature. How to make a list of literature for course work.

In addition graphic, table and illustrative materials of course work are presented. Applications are usually not numbered.

Examination of course work by a teacher, correction of defects, registration of work in accordance with the rules of control.

Writing a short but volume summary, that covers the main issues and issues on the topic.

Now you understand how to write the course work yourself! However, it is quite difficult, it is better to give a job to professionals who work on specialized Internet services and quickly, professionally, qualitatively perform your work in the shortest possible time!

Stage 15. Unique Text. With the help of the Internet, it's easier and easier to find information for writing student work, but such a thing as plagiarism, more precisely such a thing as plagiarism should not be! Standard requirements - 70% uniqueness (30% non-unique text - on quotations and terminology). But the teacher may have personal requirements for the uniqueness that needs to be taken into account.

Stage 16. Conclusions, personal opinion. Most students write coursework in the same way as abstracts. That is, it's just a great essay-compilation, but coursework is a little scientific work. Therefore, the one who wants to write the course on "excellent", must brain, think, analyze the material. Each section and each section ends with a personal conclusion on the topic. You can and even need to discuss with the authors who have already written something about your topic.

Stage 17. Provide the first version, variant of your student work to your teacher, and make all edits, if required. It is better to hand over work in parts: sections, and even paragraphs. First, the teacher sees that you are actively working on writing. Secondly, you can edit and make important changes at any time, if necessary. This item can be repeated many times. Although some teachers do not like to get too much of them, most congratulate students for their activities.

Stage 18. Writing a practical part of student work.

These steps may not be necessary - if you study at a college department where the course is written without a practical part. If the practical part is obligatory, take care of it.

Stage 19. Preparation of a set of practical measures. Before you go to the site, prepare a plan of practical activities, experiments or questions to the management.

Stage 20. Collection of materials.

Stage 21. Processing of the received materials. At this stage, you process everything that you got at an object where you conducted practical experiments, surveys or other scientific work. It's time to count all this, draw up charts, tables, drawings, write a clear business plan with recommendations.

Most importantly: the conclusions in the practical part should confirm your hypothesis, put forward in the introduction. Do not abuse fake information, as this may harm the future protection of your work.

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