Beliefs in opposition to common values should be illegal? Essay

Beliefs in opposition to common values should be illegal?, 496 words essay example

Essay Topic:common,values

Marco Serrano
Mrs. Shrock
English 11
30 September 2015
Deep Thought
Beliefs in opposition to common values should be illegal? In my opinion, everyone is their own being with their own individual standpoints. We are all entitled to our own opinion. The only reason people would want this to be illegal is to prevent "opposition" when in reality, humans just don't always agree on the same thing because everyone has their own backgrounds and point of views. Only when one acts radically on their beliefs should be prosecuted. Does everyone believe in the same things? Obviously not, thats what makes this country great. The country has an on and off mode on society about diversity. Honestly, imagine a life without diversity? Things would be less interesting, it would be pretty dull. There wont be something special about ones own. Although, if you think about it, you cant always base your opinions on indication of ones being.
The first amendment clearly states that we have the right to speak, practice religion without the law interfering. Lets go back to the old days, where the Bill of Rights did not exists yet. The age where if you dont follow the same beliefs as they do, you get hang. Jumping to twentieth century, and this is my belief, the reason Osama attacked the United States is because he felt his religion was being oppressed by the Westerners. He was protecting his own religion and his fellow religious people followed him. And I hate him for that.
If people are following the norm, then they are likely blind, hivemind mentality, someone says go PC, go green, now everyone's eating healthy, doing diets and working out and claiming to be racially sensitive, when in reality they're more racist for even segregating people in the first place, people are sheep, people follow people, a select few have a mind of their own, I'm all for individuals having a mind of their own, with their own set of feelings and beliefs, but this should never come at a cost of someone elses. I'd say for maximum safety, a thought police would be required. But people will always believe in some foolish idea, because they lack the ability to see further than the tip of the iceberg that has floated onto their shores. They hear the words, but don't understand the works.
People say life is complicated because it is people say life is simple, because it could be.
Life isn't black and white? There is no exact right or wrong they say. Tell me, what is right, what is wrong, if it's left up to the individual then everything is both right and wrong. There are only two sides of a coin, except for the edge, which is where a few of us are. It is, or it isn't, youre wrong, or you're right, either it works or it doesn't. Life is only as complex as you make it, same goes for your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.

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