Can a Fundraising CRM Really Help You Raise More Money? Essay

Can a Fundraising CRM Really Help You Raise More Money?, 495 words essay example

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Can a Fundraising CRM Really Help You Raise More Money?
Despite the fact that your organisation has a talented team that's capable of developing campaigns that are incredibly creative, and that your campaigns have a significant impact, there is much more to raising money for your cause. The good news is that fund raising CRM software can actually increase the number and amount of your donations.
Whilst talk about CRM software may not be the sexiest conversation, the fact remains that the use of software can not only help you raise more for your organisation, but also help you to save money that can be put toward your future campaigns.
CRM Helps You Understand your Donors
Today's fund raising CRM software allows you to have a seamless connection to the other tools you use. Ultimately, your collection of fundraising tools can be transformed into a hub of valuable information that can be accessed by all. A CRM can also help you to generate reports, lists and dashboards, all of which will make accessing, analysing and using donor data that much easier for everyone on your fundraising team.
As well, the buying behaviours and demographics of your donors can also be made crystal clear with CRM software, allowing you to be able to more effectively decide on important campaigns and future events.
CRM as a donor relationship Builder
What could be better than having a CRM solution which helps you understand your donors? Having a CRM solution that helps you to build strong relationships with them. Because all information about your donors is stored in a central location, any team in charge of donor relationships has an easy way to access needed information when speaking with key individuals. As well, those special communications which increase donor loyalty, such as donation thank-you and birthday messages can also be seamlessly coordinated when CRM software is used.
Money Saved on Common Processes
Every bit of money counts when you're running a non-profit organisation, especially when it's going to those who need it most. A CRM which increases the efficiency of common process whilst reducing the cost to execute them is one which will add value to an organisation. For example, instead of sending out a paper receipt to a donor for their donation, you can set your CRM software to send out an email receipt.
Updating donors on the happenings within your organisation is another common process that CRM software can be used to automate. Usually, an individual in your organisation having an administrative role would need to take the time to get in touch with donors. But instead of spending money on paper, envelopes and printing, you can send emails to donors to let them know the latest news.
More Time Allocated to Raising Money for your Cause
When you have integrated a fun raising CRM with your existing operations, you can effectively spend more time getting money for your cause than you do creating newsletters and thank-you notes, or marketing your

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