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We have spoken many times of the Cold War but we start to investigate further on what were the consequences of this war. Historical events tell us that it was a political, economic, social, military, and informative and even included sporting confrontation. It began after the Second World War, and its detonation was placed in 1947. The reasons for this confrontation were mainly more than anything ideological and political between the United States and the Soviet Union.
This struggle between these two countries came to detonate a world war, by the entity and the severity of the economic, political and ideological conflicts, which undertook significantly marked much of the history of the second half of the twentieth century. The two countries with each super powers wanted to implement its model US government's entire planet. Neither never took direct action against the other, this was the main reason why I mentioned it was cold war conflict. Apparently the date of the beginning of the Cold War disagreement enters some moments when exactly began. According to some historians it said that it had begun at the end of the Second World War and others say it began ending the First World War. Caused by the tensions that exploded between the Russian Empire, the British Empire and the United States.
World War II and its aftermath were 1939-1947. In the second war, the Soviets suspected that British and Americans had chosen to leave the Russians the bulk of the war effort, and to forge a union against Soviet once the war was decided in favor of the Allies, to force the USSR signed a treaty of peace advantageous to Western interests.
These suspicions stressed relations between the allies during World War II. The allies did not agree on how they should draw European frontiers after the war. The American model of stability was based on the establishment of governments and economic markets like the US and the belief that well governed countries would turn to international organizations to settle their differences.
Historical data show that the separation of the Soviet Union was the disintegration of federal political structures and the central government (USSR), which culminated in the independence of the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union between March 11th, 1990 and December 25th, 1991.
The dissolution of the world's largest socialist state also marked the end of the Cold War. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union that was related to the context that emerged after the end of the Cold War, in which the separation of other countries in the eastern part was also given. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union came many consequences on the economic issue bringing back a major economic crisis and living standards collapsed dramatically around the 1990's bringing a great depression. The collapse of the economy of the Soviet Union arose in the late 1980s in a short time the economy of the Soviet Union suffered great changes that occurred their own end as a political unit.

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