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In today's government, there are two major political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Both parties choose candidates who they foresee running the country in a way that represents their party. These two parties differ in many ways. They have opposing beliefs and fight for different causes. Some of the issues that the parties opinions differ on are the rights of abortion, gay marriage, taxes, military funds, and gun rights.
Abortion has been a remaining question about if it should be banned or if it's should be the mother's right. The Democratic Party is a Pro-Choice party. This party believes that it is the woman's right to make decisions on her pregnancy. The Republican party, however, is Pro-Life. This party believes that the unborn child should have a right to live. To me, this is a very difficult question. I agree, the fetus should have a right to live. On the other hand, if it was a baby from rape, I can see why it would be hard for the mother to go through with the pregnancy. I lean more towards Pro-Life.
Another disagreement between these two parties is the approval of Gay Marriage. The majority of Republicans believe that marriage should be strictly between a man and a woman. Democrats believe in equal rights for gays. I believe that love has no limits. If two people fall in love, they should be able to share their lives together no matter the genders.
Taxes is also an issue that the parties have opposing ideas on. Democrats believe that the wealthy should pay higher taxes. Republicans disagree and support tax cuts for everyone. I believe that just because a person is wealthy and working hard at life doesn't mean they should be charged more on taxes. The wealthy have more than likely paid thousands of dollars on education that would make them more money than just a minimum wage job.
Raising minimum wage is another topic that the two parties disagree on. The Democrats opinion is that minimum wage should be raised to help workers. Republicans feel strongly towards not raising minimum wage due to the fact that it would hurt businesses. In my personal opinion, raising minimum wage might affect the company, but not majorly. It is hard being paid minimum wage, and I am saying that as a highschool student. I couldn't imagine someone trying to support a family making $7.25 an hour. I believe it should be raised but not enough to ruin the company.
The two major parties also have different views on Gun control. The Republican party opposes gun control laws and strongly support the 2nd amendment on the right to bear arms. The Democratic party favors more gun control laws and don't believe in carrying concealed weapons in public places. I believe that a person should be able to carry a gun wherever they go for assured protection.
In conclusion, the two major political parties have very different opinions and ideas on today's issues.

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