Imperialism in the world – a new economic system Essay

Imperialism in the world – a new economic system, 496 words essay example

Essay Topic:economic system,imperialism

Imperialism, an accepted definition of a term would be the practicing of a group such as a nation performs attempts to expand its influence beyond its land through economics, gaining resources, etc. Another brand of colonialism that powerful nations practice, is placing satellite stations on outside nations. Such as the British with Australia is a great example of Imperialism taking place, the British has been putting their mark on outside nations and have succeed with their powers being expanded.
Several of the outcomes of Imperialism of Southeast Asia nations, was the bridge of wealth, from the region, a shifting of the region's labor is focused away from agriculture to the production of assets with exports and the nearby areas domestic land economy becoming vulnerable to creating worldwide price and demand changes. Millions of Asian lives were impacted from the economic and environmental changes that took place. A direct result of the natural resource and animals living environment were upset by the rearrangement of the extensive colonial enterprises taking place in the region. As laborers migrated into Southeast Asia, several groups of thousands immigrants came from India and China, and changed preexisting ethnic, social and religious demographics in their new nation.
Prior to the colonial powers expanding into Southeast Asia one of the effects of Imperialism had on the Asians community, however, was a new economic system that was fuel on the other countries of the West until the middle of the1900s. The rule of the Colonial was also helped by the energy of the nationalistic movements and struggles, from the inner desire within the wealthy communities to increase economically in the region. The progression of exporting in nations began to drive economies, which made it past the end of Imperialism, was a crucial factor in the area's of post-World War II growth. After gaining their independence, their ideas of the, justice laws and centralized bureaucracy that were taught from the Imperial powers contributed greatly to the rise of the economic development of Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
William Seward, the secretary of state at the time had a vison of America expanding into Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Iceland, Greenland, and other Pacific islands. But he only came to realize two small features of his vision. In 1867, the USA had made a purchase of the territory, that is now known as Alaska from the Russians for an estimate of $72 million dollars and had control over the Pacific Islands Midway. The two small features that was causing America to deny expansion is the old moralists of the nation keeping the same ideologies of not wanting to take on new people that we're different in religion, politics, etc. In the mid-1890s, American attitudes toward expansion were being expressed in a more encouragement manner now. Between 1870 and 1900, the European powers that seized halt of 10 million square miles of Africa and Asia land, giving the control of an estimated 150 million citizens

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