Prejudice and The Economics of Discrimination Essay

Prejudice and The Economics of Discrimination, 488 words essay example

Essay Topic:discrimination,economics,prejudice

The questions to answer are
1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?
The title of the text is Prejudice and The Economics of Discrimination, and text is to test the prediction about the relationship between racial prejudice and racial wage gaps from Beker's (1957) seminal work on employer discrimination.
2. What is the author's view? How do I know?
The authors' view is to confirm whether what was previously found by Beker's (1957) on prejudice and wage racial discrimination was still relevant at the time they did the investigation. After their research, they proved that the results are still robust to a variety of extensions, including directly controlling for racial skill quality differences and instrumental variables estimates (Charles & Guryan, 2007)
3. What is the evidence presented by the author to support ideas?
The evidence presented is that 'Racial wage gaps are larger the more racially integrated is a state's workforce'.
4. Is the evidence valid? How do I know?
The evidence is valid because they based their results on a formal survey. As we can see, from their general social survey the found out that relative to white wages, black wages a) vary negatively with a major of prejudice of the 'marginal' white in the states b) vary negatively with the prejudice in the lower tail of the prejudice distribution, but are unaffected by the prejudice of the most prejudice persons in a state c) vary negatively with fraction of state that is black. (Charles & Guryan, 2007)
5. Is the evidence relevant? How do I know?
I believe the evidence is relevant not only because of the results they found, but most importantly because prejudice and racial wage discrimination is a general problem that is present in so many societies today. And the truth is if we want to address the subject of terrorism correctly, we will need to first solve the issue of prejudice and racial wage discrimination first.
6. Have I heard/read anything similar or dissimilar? What was it?
You just need to watch the news and see how poor black people are on the streets for the reason that they are not equally treated in their place of work. In the USA, for instance, we recently experienced how a white police man killed undefended black young men because, I believe, he was racially prejudiced.
7. Do I agree or disagree with the views expressed by the author? Why?
I totally agree because two of things a) if observe the any society, you will notice that in many multinational companies the majority of big bosses are white people. For example, in the American multinational company that I work for the dirty jobs are always done by the local people, which are obviously black b) it is sad to say that they are still many white people around the Globe that believe that black people are inferior, stupid and, for that reason, they need to be colonized by them again.

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