Statistics on the overall patenting activities in USSR and Russia in 1922-2013 Essay

Statistics on the overall patenting activities in USSR and Russia in 1922-2013, 457 words essay example

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In total 1 899 450 patents were issued during the whole period of time both in USSR and Russia (1922  2013). As it was already mentioned, variable representing the country of respective patent office where a patent document was issued (APPLN_AUTH) in the given dataset can take on only 2 values, as only patents in USSR and Russia are considered, but nevertheless meaningful information captured in this variable can be analyzed in order to have a general overview of proportions in regard with total amount of patents issued during the Soviet time and Russia. Based on the statistical descriptions of the dataset, the overwhelming majority of patent documents during the considered timeframe were registered in the patent offices of USSR 70% or 1 329 375 patents, while in the patent office of Russia only 30% of all patents in database (or 570 075 patent documents) were issued. That could be first of all easily explained by the duration of both periods as the period of time which is considered to be the period after the dissolution of USSR  of contemporary Russia is much fewer and is only 22 years (1992-2013), while the period before the dissolution of USSR is much longer and accounts to 70 years (from 1922 and up to 1991), which is more than 3 times longer in comparison to the period of Russia.

Returning back to the general statistics on the overall patenting activities or on the total amount of patents issued, there were 18 270 patents on average registered per year during the whole period, but the comparison before and after the year 1992 shows that average issuance of patents per year was 60% higher after 1992 in comparison to the situation before (25 913 versus 16 220 patents). Interesting results appear if to consider now 3 periods as it was defined before transformation period (until 1985), transformation period (1985-1998) and after transformation period (1999-2013) the most productive period in terms of average patents issued per year appears to be transformation one  41 422 patents on average were approximately annually registered and that is 3,5 times more as in the foregoing (11 768) and 40% higher as in the period of already entrenched Russia (29 622). Overall development of patents registered per year can be observed in the figure 1.

Figure 1. Overall amount of patents registered per year.

However, if to analyze a little bit in further details this phenomenon, several things become clear first of all, the lower average quantity of patents per year in the period before transformational is caused mainly by negligibly small amounts in the first half of the 20th century, but starting from 1970 quantity of patents per year starts to grow incredibly and a higher average amount statistically received for the transformation period is also first of all caused by this gained momentum annual amount after 1970s, but then unfortunately annual amounts start to reduce of course mainly due to the economic conjuncture and economic

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