The effect of piracy action on stakeholders reputation and sales Essay

The effect of piracy action on stakeholders reputation and sales, 494 words essay example

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Assessment of the Case
In this case, there are four main stakeholders The company-Baidu Online Library, the group of 50 writers, the online library users and the society.
For the Baidu Online Library, it may attracts more users, increases the click rate and contributes to higher advertising fee by facilitating this kind of piracy action. However, in the long term, the company's reputation will be heavily damaged less and less companies, publication institutions and writers would like to corporate with the Baidu Online Library, which means the Baidu company will lose many initiative resources and their users if they don't stop violating the intellectual property right.
For the group of 50 writers who seek for text copyright protection, the short term consequence would be stopping the unethical behavior of Baidu Online Library and their original works will be removed from the website. In the long term, they will safeguard the legitimate interests of themselves and of other writers as well. And it will help to create a better environment for their creation.
Another stakeholder is the Baidu Online Library users. If the infringement of intellectual property rights doesn't change, the users are allowed to read a lot of literature free of charge in the short term, but in the long term, they won't be able to read more innovative original works because more and more writers won't corporate with Baidu company. If the company stops the piracy action, the users will have to pay for the texts that they want to read.
The last stakeholder is the society. If the infringement action continues, it will lead to a lack of innovation of the society, which will hinder the development process of the whole society. Furthermore, it is also harmful for the reputation of China. International investment will decrease due to the unsecure environment of their intellectual property rights.
After the emergence of the Internet, it is labeled as the freedom to share. This feature has indeed greatly changed the way people live and eliminated the information gap between people. However, once the Internet becomes a carrier of business model, it should follow certain business regulations and ethical principles. In this case, users use Baidu Online Library to upload text works, obtain benefits free of charge, while the copyright owner's written works get no compensation. To some degree, Baidu Online Library steals the fruits of the labor of writers. Its behavior is on the contrary to the ethics of fairness and justice.
In fact, since 2010, there are writers carrying out intellectual property rights protection activities against Baidu Online Library individually, but most of the activities failed. The 50 writers group can achieve some results, indicating to the e-commerce world that the power of advocacy groups cannot be ignored. With the common interests of stakeholders, advocacy groups will achieve better results than individual activities. I think there are three reasons firstly, advocacy groups for the event can be professional activists, so they are able to gather more strong evidence secondly,

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