The impact of Hillary Clinton’s reforms on society Essay

The impact of Hillary Clinton’s reforms on society, 498 words essay example

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Addressing the concern with Washington culture, Clinton is going to put a stop to the strong influence that wealthy interest groups have over the government and return to a political system that is for all of the American people. Also, she is going to introduce real reforms that allow for the voices of regular voters to be heard. She will overturn Citizens United, end secret, unaccountable money in politics, and amplify the voices of everyday Americans.

American voters have expressed concern in regards to childhood education. In an effort to help better the quality of life for American families, Hillary Clinton is going to focus a lot of attention on early childhood education. She believes that every child should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to help himself or herself succeed in tomorrows economy. During Clintons time in the Senate, she advocated that funding be provided to states to found highquality prek programs. In addition, Clinton established the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters program. This program allowed for children to be better educated before entering kindergarten by providing parents with resources necessary to do so at home. Hillary Clinton is going to provide children across America access to a quality education by investing in early childhood programs and expanding preschool access.

Adult voters are most focused on issues surrounding the economy, as is Hillary Clinton. Clinton is going to advocate for an increase in wages, beginning with her first day in office. But in order to raise earnings, there is a need for strong, longterm growth. Part of this strong, longterm growth includes strengthening the economy by creating job opportunities by investing in infrastructure, clean energy, and scientific and medical research. Clinton will offer tax relief to small businesses and working families. This will be her first step in lowering the unemployment rate, raising incomes, and creating competition amongst firms for workers. By providing working families with a tax relief, Clinton hopes to increase their disposable income and compensate for the increasing cost of living that burdens many families in America today. Also, she realizes that small businesses are extraordinarily important to a thriving economy. Clinton is going to push a smallbusiness agenda to offer tax relief, limit bureaucracy, increase access to capital, and assist small businesses in bringing their products to different markets across the globe. In an effort to lower the burden of college expenses on students, in her plan, Hillarys New College Compact, Hillary Clinton stated that she will invest $350 billion so that it will no longer be necessary for students to borrow to pay tuition at a public university in their state. For those that still find it necessary to take out student loans, Clinton is going to considerably lower interest rates on student loans and allow for over 25 million Americans with crippling student debt to refinance their loans at todays lower rates. One of the best ways to improve the nations economy is by investing in scientific research and infrastructure.

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