Themes explores in The Road to Perdition Essay

Themes explores in The Road to Perdition, 498 words essay example

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The Road to Perdition explores several themes. The prominent theme is certainly revenge Michael Sullivan seeks revenge for slaughtering of his family, Conner Rooney aspires end Michael Sullivan for the close relationship Michael shares with Conner's father, and Maguire wants revenge on Michael Sullivan for the injuries he gave him. The film also explores the very profound aspect of a man killing his father to protect his son. It is a unique combination of betrayal and loyalty, unseen before. Another compelling theme within the Road to Perdition is its continual need for a theme of redemption. Michael Sullivan, wants more than anything to keep his son from following in his criminal footsteps. Even though father and son will eventually drive to a place called Perdition to lay low, the story's title suggests that Michael has for many years been traveling the road to hell. He understands as much, and wants his son to avoid the same highway, a road with no off ramps.
The film's language is mostly visual, and physical interaction between characters. It is how the audience learns most about the film. Dialogue is used sparingly. The story is told very much by the camera, not by the conversation. Sam Mendes gives a lot of visual backfill, and looks for ways of telling the story that do not involve speech. There are wordless scenes present in the film, which give just as much to the story as those with speech. Sometimes simple eye contact is all that is needed to communicate ideas, but wordless scenes can also represent the inability to communicate, and the dysfunction of relationships. Mendes utilizes relationships in order to explore and communicate to the audience through expression and tone of voice, rather than actual dialogue.
Conrad L. Hall's work in cinematography is certainly award worthy. He creates a limbo of darkness, shadow, night, fearful faces half-seen, cold and snow. His characters stand in downpours, the rain running off the brims of their fedoras and soaking the shoulders of their thick wool overcoats. Their feet must always be cold. The photography creates a natural chill. This is a water-soaked picture, with melting snow on the streets and dampness in every room. That gives Conrad Hall the opportunity to develop and extend one of his most famous shots.
My opinion on "Road to Perdition," is that I know I admire it, but I do not know if I like it. I am still not sure. It is cold and holds us outside. Yes, there is the love Hanks feels for his son, but how sadly he forced to express it. Then there are the troubles of the mob. These troubles seem caused because Rooney prefers family to good management, but Michael Sullivan's tragedy surely comes because he has put it the other way around--placing Rooney above his family. The movie shares with "The Godfather" the useful tactic of keeping the actual victims out of view. There are no civilians here, destroyed by mob activities.

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