Ultima's role in "Bless me Ultima" in a coming-of-age novel by Rudolfo Anaya Essay

Ultima's role in "Bless me Ultima" in a coming-of-age novel by Rudolfo Anaya, 496 words essay example

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Jalen Clark
Ms. Fawcett
English 2, period 6
15th, August, 2016
Bless Me Ultima
Q1 A "curandera" is a healer that uses folk remedies. Ultima's role in "Bless me Ultima" is to mentor Antonio and help him cope with his feelings of nervousness and worry. She also teaches Antonio to think for himself.
Q2 Antonio makes sense of the conflicts he encounters by having dreams that most of the time solves his problems. However, Antonio states that there are two prime reasons for which his parents argue and fight. The first of which is because of his parents viewpoints on what is most important in life. Antonio's father believe that Anthony should become a man of Llano, he also curses those who do not understand the freedom that the llano must have. Antonio's father also curses his mother every once in awhile because she is a daughter of farmers, and it is her who keeps him locked onto a piece of land. The other reason antonio's parents fight is because of the opposing views on religion. Antonio's father doesn't follow religion, and also doesn't have respect for priest. Antonio's mother however, is very devoted to the church, and her strongest desire is to see her son become a priest.
Between viewpoints. Antonio seems very conflicted between whose side he is on. He feels a strong vibe between his father and Ultima, and his mother and her brothers.
Q3 Antonio is intimidated by learning english because the kids begin to laugh at him when he first learns how to write his name. When this occurs, Antonio begins to feel like an outcast. Antonio is also not comfortable with learning a foreign language that his parents and family members do not speak in the house. Language shapes the identity of this book because most of Antonio's experience and journey is based on the meeting of cultures and the search for identity. Two other dichotomies found in this novel are "Marez vs. Luna," when Antonio feels conflicted between his destiny that his parents have brought upon him and "God vs The Golden Carp". In this conflict, Antonio begins to doubt the God he worships, and begins to believe in the magic of the Golden Carp when the priests and doctors could not heal but Ultima could. When Antonio receives communion he does not feel pure nor well.
Q4 After Narciso is murdered, Antonio is left wondering why Tenorio's wrongdoing goes unpunished. He hopes that communion will bring him a better understanding. On Antonio's way home, Tenorio confronts him and vows to kill Ultima and leaves without harming Antonio At this point, you can infer that this is the the start of a climax.
Q5 At the end of the novel, Antonio has his last dream. His last dream depicts and addresses his crisis of faith. Antonio is left with questions to ask God about the death of Ultima. He has grown wiser knowing that life is not about the destination, but instead, about the journey.

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