11th Malaysian plan, 2015 and its objects Essay

11th Malaysian plan, 2015 and its objects, 491 words essay example

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Decent wages will make sure that the employee will continue to works effectively and efficiently (11th Malaysian plan, 2015).
The government will always persuade the way to grow resource efficient, clean, and resilient. It is to make sure that Malaysia always in the environments that keep its precious green natural for the future. The government indicate that this green growth is important as it to keep Malaysia to prosperous it food, water and energy in the best form it can. The government has taken a precaution step in order to overcome with the climate change and natural disaster. In case in the future, the government is prepared and fully equips to handle the matter that comes across. By doing so, the government will enhance the disaster risk management (11th Malaysian plan, 2015). The forecast of the climate change or prediction of natural disaster could reduce the effect on the disaster. Typically, the natural disaster that hit our nation is flood. In order to avoid more unwanted scenario, the government has upgrade the flood mitigation. Thus, the problem can be reduced before it went to worst situation.
The government also plan in conserving the natural resource that being usefully used by Malaysia. In the long term plan, a nation must preserve what resource that is not replaceable. That is why the Malaysian government has taken initiative to make sure that the natural resource is in a safe and secure (11th Malaysian plan, 2015). About 17 percent of territorial and inland water areas will be gazette as protected area and 10 percent of coastal and marine areas. Other than that, the government also has stressed out that the environment for green growth. At least, the government target to preserved 20 percent of procurement in order to green This is a long term plan that apply the governance should change for the green growth and establish an awareness toward the responsibilities in term of strengthen the green growth (11th Malaysian plan, 2015).
Infrastructure is a fundamental to the use of the people. Government has developed the infrastructure since Malaysia achieved its independence. This is that the infrastructure is the basic amenities and essential to the people. In order to please the people, government has created easy access toward the infrastructure and services such as public transportation, communication, electric and water. When this was fulfill, the base for a great economic expansion is there and shall a stepping stone to create modern nation as Vision 2020 objective (11th Malaysian plan, 2015). The government will create infrastructure that actually being used by the people. The example was the road, rail and air services. Integrated need based transport system is one of government plan to be implementing. This is to ensure the connection across transport throughout Malaysia. Not just that, the safety involving public transport was also to be increase and to meet the standard requirement. This is being done by enforcement of the law and stricter the regulatory in the transportation field (11th Malaysian plan, 2015).

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