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MSc Summer Project Plan
Student Name Toghrul Abilli
Student ID 4255171
Course Computer Science
Transmission-line Modelling Method Applied to Medical Ultrasound .
Statement of Research Problem
In this dissertation our main purpose to explain Transmission-line Modelling Method and how can we apply this theory to the medical ultrasound. We will explain one, two and three dimensional TLM modelling . In addition We will identify how ultrasound waves propagate in the human body and organs . We will also explain the difference between TLM modelling of a homogeneous medium and non-homogeneous medium. By modelling ultrasound propagation we will be able to investigate what signals will be expected in a given situation. That will allow us to better analyse experimental data and ultimately help the practical equipment to be made to work more accurately.
Research background / motivation
It is obvious that Ultrasound is widely used in the health industry . Ultrasound is the efficient way to diagnose and doing therapy . It is interesting for me how medical devices describe human inside organs in the monitor and also this industry grows day by day . So these issues encouraged me to do research in this area .
Nowadays , medical industry is very famous and many researchers and engineers have done remarkable works in this area . Some engineers have done research related to two dimensional TLM modelling but in this thesis I 'm going to do three dimensional TLM modelling . Because three TLM modelling gives us more accurate appearance .
Firstly , I'm going to identify problems which I need to solve . After that I will do some research in the university library and another information resources . As a result, I'll collect useful information related to my topic and I will examine this information to find key factors .
Secondly , I'll get data from medical devices and examine this data .
Finally , Using C# programming language I 'll develop software to analyse this data and get a result .
Work programme
I want to divide my dissertation into chapters.
In the first chapter , I'll give basic general information about my thesis and describe problems which I want to implement .
In the chapter 2 , I'm going to describe medical ultrasound systems and wave propagation . What is ultrasound systems and how these systems work and how wave propagate with these systems . What type of connection there are between medical ultrasound systems and wave propagation .
In the third chapter , I 'll explain one , two , three dimensional TLM modelling methods . Specially , three dimensional TLM modelling methods will be explained detailed , because , we will work with this model . We will discuss how to work this modelling and how to apply for medical ultrasound and use for wave propagation .
Software will be developed to describe how this modelling work and present results of the problem . Using software we will process given data and represent it.

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