Sustainable Value On Construction Project And Application Of Lean Construction Method Essay

Sustainable Value On Construction Project And Application Of Lean Construction Method, 495 words essay example

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Sustainable Value On Construction Project And Application Of Lean Construction Method (2007). The paper describes the conceptual and practical relation between LCM and sustainable construction. There are several delivery methods of LCM that are discussed which gives a better understanding of LCM on SC. The research concluded that high level of sustainability can be achieved with less additional cost from qualitative perspective. As the paper discusses about the cost factor, future research can also be done considering social and environmental impacts of LCM on SC.
From Lean to Green Construction A Natural Extension (2009). The paper has used a case study approach by applying lean techniques to reduce waste. The case study offers the application of lean production in wall/partition of a department which resulted into 10% reduction of raw material and reduces board damage during construction. The paper compares material waste before and after a Kaizen event. Thus, this research gives a better understanding of application of lean strategies in housing and its impact on environment.
Sustainable Construction Project under Lean Construction Theory (2011). The paper describes the concepts of lean construction in detail. The contribution of lean construction in sustainable construction projects are also discussed. Lastly, the research shows how lean concepts can be implemented in sustainable construction projects and proves that lean concepts can improve the cost of sustainable construction.
An Investigation of the Applicability of Sustainability and Lean Concepts to Small Construction Projects (2012). In this research, researchers have examined different size of projects from different parts of Midwestern United States. The research defines the characteristics that hinder the integration of green and lean concepts in that region. Interviews of several professional from the industry was taken to get a better picture. The paper gives the framework for implementing lean techniques and sustainability in construction projects. Lastly, the research says that the size of the project and knowledge of people involved with it matters a lot. More research can also be conducted to find better integration between lean and green. The real-time analysis done by the researchers has set a good example and makes concepts easier to understand.
Lean And Green A relationship Matrix (2012). The research has developed a relationship matrix between eleven LC principles and LEED NC criteria. The research defines the major difference between lean and green construction methods and applications. The outcome says that LC can contribute to green construction very considerably with three points that are economic, social and environmental. Considerable research can also be done involving Lean Design and LEED by keeping certification in mind from conceptual stage.
Sustainable Construction Is Lean Green? (2013). The research talks about the lean construction concepts and sustainable philosophy. Later, the integration between both is discussed in detail. The research confers how lean and green helps in waste reduction in construction industry. The researcher brings up three key impacts of lean construction to achieve sustainability that are economic value, social value and environmental value. The paper gives a broader view of sustainable and lean concepts.

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