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Monaco is a country in Western Europe, which bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of France, and near the border with Italy. It is the second smallest country in this world, and it is highly urbanized. More than 30,000 people live in Monaco. In this country, more than 60% population is built up by immigrants, and they are from more than 120 other countries. Approximately about 47% of the population is French. Although the country is small, it has a long history.
After passed the times of Roman Occupation, Genoese Rule and the Grimaldis, Monaco became an annex of France during the French Revolution and started using French. After then, French came to be spoken by more and more people in Monaco. There isn't a specific dates that is the most important in the development of French in Monaco, but it is spoken in this country since the annexation of France. French is the official language in Monaco, and there are other languages that are spoken in this country, which includes Mongasque, Italian, English and so on. However, the national language in Monaco is not French, but Mongasque, because it is the traditional language for the Monegasque people although they are a minority in this country which is about only 21.6 present of the population.
French, as the only official language in Monaco, isn't spoken by a majority of the population. Italian and English are the languages that spoken widely. Because of a lot of immigrants, it is easy to hear many other languages on the street. French is required in schools, and the national language Mongasque is only required in primary school. Also, the government in Monaco uses it because it is the official language. There are a lot of advantages to speak French. Such as it is easy to communicate to other people won't get lost in cities because signs on the roads are written in both French and Mongasque.
One of the biggest celebrations in Monaco is the National Day. However, the National Day in Monaco is different from countries, the date is decided by reigning prince. Prince usually chooses the day of saint that he was named after, and it means the National Day changes when a new prince ascents to the throne. People celebrate it with fireworks in the evening before the National Day. Then on the next day, they usually have a mass in the Cathedral in Monaco, basically they go to the St. Nicholas Cathedral for celebration. People also celebrate it by waving the Monegasque flag. After mass, people can see Knights of Malta, ambassadors, and their officials in the state get together to celebrate the National Day. French and Mongasque are the two that usually use during the mass.
Monaco is not only famous for its great environment and urban constructions, but also the Monaco Grand Prix. It is one of prestigious automobile races in the world. Round May and June, people go to

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