Belize City. Its history and population Essay

Belize City. Its history and population, 492 words essay example

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Belmopan is a small town in the center Belize, but has big potential to be a wonderful and thriving city.
The city of Belmopan is located in Central America. It is near the small town of Roaring Creek, in the Belize River valley around fifty miles inland from Belize City.
Belize City was the capital of Belize until in 1961. The reason for that is because in 1961, Hurricane Hattie did extensive damage to the city of Belize. Government officials decided that Belmopan would be the new capital of Belize in 1966 because of the area being more inland. They moved their government offices to the new capital in 1970.
The country of Belize has a population of 358,000 as of 2014. Belmopan has a population of over 16,000 as of 2007. The population growth of Belmopan has shown more of a rapid increase since it's been the new capital of Belize, making it the fastest growing city in Belize.
The official language in Belize is English. People around the Belize area also speak a language kmown as the creole patios. Another known language of the Belizeans is the Mopn, Kekch, and the Yucatec that is spoken by the Maya in the Belmopan and also all around Belize Most of the people living in Belize are Multilingual and can speak Spanish as well.
Belize has a subtropical climate, with their dry season being form late February to May and there wet season from June to November. Average temperatures in Belize can be in its mid-seventies in December and mid-eighties in July. They accumulate about fifty inches of rain per year.
Nine-tenths of the entire country of Belize from the age of 14 and up are well-educated. They have primary schooling which start at age five and ends at twelfth. Majority of the schools are government run programs. Some areas around Belmopan area runs its schools without government interference. About half of the students that have completed primary schooling goes on to receiving higher education. Belize has community colleges and a university which is located in Belmopan called the University of Belize that was established in 2000.
Belmopan area is a great area that produce and export foods such as sugar cane, citrus fruits, bananas and coconuts. Some foods from Belmopan are exported to the United States.
Half of the population of Belmopan and Belize is Catholic. Other religions in Belmopan are Baptist and Methodist.
Many Belizeans are mixed descents. Mixed Mayan and Spanish heritage take up the largest ethnic group in Belmopan area.
The Belizeans listen to music that reflects their ethics group in their area. Music that comes from the United States is often listen to by the younger Belizeans. Other types of music Belizeans listen to is Punta rock, Caribbean soca, reggae and salsa.
The people of Belize and the Belmopan cuisine is usually reflected by their ethnicity and international influencers, but some foods like tortillas, chicken, beans and rice is an eaten by many different ethnicity around the area.

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