Writing the Perfect Essay Is a Miracle

Posted at November 19, 2018, 2:10 pm,

Magic Words

If you ask me what the main connection between “writing” and “essay” is, I will surely answer by stating that essay is always a result of writing; however, it does not work in the opposite way since the essay is not the only possible outcome of the writing process. At the same time, a quick overview of those trendy Google searches connected with the field of composing a text, a word combination “writing essays” appear to be among the most popular.

Human Nature Is So Diverse

Writing a good essay does not always mean a great result. Does it sound weird? Indeed, there is nothing strange or irrelevant to this suggestion. The truth is that is the people who decide whether an essay is a great one. Accordingly, humans are so diverse that it is absolutely impossible to create a sole measure tool that would objectively evaluate the text written by the person. Of course, you may still assure that writing the perfect essay is not an impossible task. But the question is whether it is necessary to try to create the tools that could be used the “perfection level” of the text. You may like the paper or find it boring. This is the point that matters.

Emotions vs. Objectivity

Let’s look at this controversy from a different perspective. The modern Internet is full of various tips, ideas, pieces of advice, the main aim of which is to create and reveal so-called rules of conduct during essay writing. Is it so necessary? It looks not so evident to be an absolute truth. The writers compose their papers and they are then evaluated by other people. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the human is a kind of emotional creature. It means that if one does not like a specific part of the essay, he/she may evaluate it unfairly low. Here are just several ways to describe an essay:
  • Nice
  • Great
  • Boring
  • Terrible
  • Awful
  • Ideal
  • Perfect
  • Average
  • High- or low-quality etc.
Perfect means without any lacks. Keeping in mind the ways, in which the papers may be evaluated, it is feasible to suggest that writing the perfect essay seems to be a miracle.

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