Community Language Learning approach in education Essay

Community Language Learning approach in education, 501 words essay example

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Education is a kind of continuing dialogue, and a dialogue assumes different points of view (Douglas, 1958, p.26).
In order to create a community within the classroom, the students need to be openminded, along with being able to accept that everyone has their own opinions, and different views. An approach to teaching that would allow the students to share their beliefs in an open, and safe environment is Community Language Learning. This approach not only engages the students in the lesson, but it also engages their emotions and their feelings. By allowing the learners whole person to be engaged, they will have a sense of deeper understanding of the content.
In my classroom, I want all the students to be able to interact with each other, and ask their peers questions that will turn into conversations. This approach will help to improve their social skills by being able to constantly communicate with each other while learning. When I become a teacher, I do not want to solely base my lessons around a textbook. I want my lessons to engage my students, and make learning fun. In Community Language Learning, the students get to nominate topics, or subjects they would like to talk about, which will lead to motivating students to be an active participant in the conversations.
The learners will start to become a community, and it will push the classmates to keep their pace up, and grow together. There are different types of learners visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners have better comprehension of the content when they are able to see the teacher model the lesson, view pictures, or even by watching a video that supports the curriculum. Auditory learners have a better understanding of the content when it is being read to them, or lectured. Finally, kinesthetic learners comprehend the content when the lessons, or activities, incorporate physical movement.
Total Physical Response is the ideal approach for kinesthetic learners. Since more than half of students are kinesthetic learners, I would implement this approach into my teaching. In early childhood, it is important for these students to enjoy learning because the experiences they have as a child will shape their views about education as they grow older, and enter higher grade levels. Total Physical Response emphasizes on roleplaying, which will help them retain the information they are given.
In this approach, the students listen to the information before they speak it, allowing them to have better comprehension. With Total Physical Response, the students warm up with commands that involve movement, giving them the confidence they need to participate in classroom lessons, and activities. In addition to being a great approach for kinesthetic learners, and giving students the confidence they need to actively participate. This approach also allows the teacher to decide what they can teach, model, and present. When giving a teacher the freedom to choose how to motivate and engage their students, you allow the teacher to explore and introduce new ideas that enhance the students excitement for learning.

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