Description of the www.EEOC.gov website Essay

Description of the www.EEOC.gov website, 498 words essay example

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The www.EEOC.gov website shows at a first glance a professional and governmental theme it is very appealing and accurate. The choice of the colors are well chosen to reflect a governmental website it has a very clear and well positioned navigation bar which allows you quickly search. The columns are easy to reach with sub lists for a more accurate search directly from the home screen to save users time and give the best guidance. Each section has an over view and a multiple quick access to pages related to the exact information. Once in the section there is a sitemap that helps you recognize your exact location in the website and allows you to jump to other pages easily.
The intention of this website is to inform, charge, employees and employers what their rights are and what their duties are following the Law and regulations. To ensure a Justice and Equality in the Workplace and to stop and remedy unlawful employment discrimination the website shows the exact steps to take to file a charge against employer it gives the addresses and phone numbers of offices. For a first time user it is clear and easy to discover what are your rights, duties, the law articles regarding each case, what are the conditions necessary for each case and contact information.
The content of the website is very pertinent, professionally set, written in a plain language and it shows the direct purpose of it and information we could we get out of it. You can easily accomplish your reason for visiting the website and the information you are looking for is a one click away of the navigation bar. All the information are updated and reliable.
The EEOC enforces the following laws to all businesses whether private, governmental or educational institutions as long as there is an employeremployee relationship and that employs more than 15 individuals except for the ADEA which needs a minimum of 20 employees
The Title VII of the Civil Rights of 1964
Because she was exposed to a sexual harassment and discrimination of gender Madison Countys secretary has filed a complaint against the county in the US district court on the sept. 18th. this violation had place on a daily basis and affected the plaintiffs psychology. She have been reporting it on a multiple occasions to her high rank officials who could find a remedy and resolve her complaint but it failed. After filing the report Madison county Board Chairman refused to comment on the case and elected three high ranked before going for retirement after 20 years on the job. After being convinced of the case and without the high rank conciliation will, the EEOC has attributed the plaintiff a notice of right to sue. She was awarded her compensatory damages for the humiliation and emotional distress, assesses punitive damages in an appropriate amount, enjoins Madison County from further violations and awarded her costs, attorney fees, and other relief that the court decided just. (Madison County Record)

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