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Limited time, availability of optimum sample size and reliability of data would be the potential, practical and empirical obstacles. Khang, Ki, and Ye (2012) has opined that qualitative methods provide an in-depth understanding of a study though both quantitative and qualitative methods complement each other (http//digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/theses/1479).
But due to time constraint the researcher has decided to use quantitative method only. Further research in this area could be conducted using qualitative or mixed methods.
This research is a single case based on one country. The findings would not be adequate to generalise results for a multiple case study. (Bryman and Bell, 2007).
Probability sampling is generally recommended for a quantitative research, but due to time constraints non-probability sampling is used which could lead to self-selection bias (Brick, 2014)
Despite its many advantages, the response rate to SCQ & online surveys (Hand et al., 2009) are comparatively lower than other survey methods. In order to overcome this limitation convenience and snowball sampling method will be used and the questionnaire will be drafted in accordance with Bryman and Bell (2007) recommendations. A 'follow up' gentle reminder will be sent out to all participants to submit their responses (Saunders et al 2012454). In the absence of the researcher misinterpretation of close-ended questions might reduce the validity and accuracy of the data which in turn could impact the research findings (Bryman and Bell, 2007). A pilot test would be conducted to overcome this. In case of very few responses or highly skewed data (Saunders et al 2012) the researcher might have to re-administer the survey.
Distribution of the survey questionnaire to 250 participants and receiving at around 150 completed questionnaires with unbiased responses would be a challenge (Polit and Beck, 2006), as consumers' are overwhelmed with a lot of surveys, updates & requests to fill forms (Muthaih and Kannan, 2015). Arabic version of the questions would be inserted wherever necessary. In terms of ethics, the researcher thinks that confidentiality of respondents is safeguarded as they will be completing the survey anonymously.
The selected topic is of interest to the researcher. The researcher is receptive to any ideas without any pre-conceived notions or viewpoints. But there are always chances of bias, and the researcher needs to be objective (Sukamolson, n.d).
As there are many topics like Consumer buying behaviour, consumer impact on SM branding, consumer relationships and SM closely related to the CDJ analysis. The researcher has to ensure that there is no diversion from the proposed RQ and Sub RQs.
To manage time effectively and to ensure smooth progress of the research a detailed timetable (Gantt chart) has been developed. (Bryman and Bell, 2007)
While waiting for the results of the proposal the researcher will continue reviewing literature and work on the draft questionnaire. On receipt of the results the researcher will incorporate changes recommended if any, followed by pilot test of questionnaire and the SCQ will be administered. The responses will be collated, data analysed, findings compiled and the dissertation will be written.

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