Difficulties of clients with ASD Essay

Difficulties of clients with ASD, 502 words essay example

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Often time's clients with ASD have lack of tongue coordination and also tongue thrust. If a client experiences lack of tongue coordination they may exhibit drooling, speech disorders such as a lisp and could be at risk for harming their tongue. When a client is drooling it is important to protect the skin from becoming irritated or breaking down from the saliva, which could cause an infection if the skin breaks down. It is important for the caregiver to keep the skin clean and dry to reduce the risk of irritation or break down. The use of whips to remove the saliva can help. Whips that contain aloe to sooth the skin are a great option. If clients with ASD are verbal they may have a lisp or have trouble with speaking if they do not have coordination of their tongue, which can cause frustration when trying to communicate with others. It is important for the clinician to listen careful to the client to help reduce their frustration. And lastly if the client has loss of coordination of the tongue they may end chewing on the tongue accidentally and could possible pocket food. Chewing on the tongue can increase the change of an infections spreading into the body. Pocketing food can lead to break down of the tooth causing caries and other oral manifestations. After the client eats it is important for the caregiver or client to clean their mouth to make sure no food was pocketed.
Tongue thrusting is another condition that affects individuals with ASD. When a client tongue thrust they may have a difficult time swallowing that can put them at risk for aspiration. Education to the client and caregiver about the importance of good oral hygiene is extremely important to reduce their risk of aspiration pneumonia that has been linked to oral hygiene and aspiration. Also the client's occlusion may be affected. These clients can exhibit malocclusion or an open bite. If the client has an open bite they may have difficulty chewing and could have excessive occlusal forces that could damage the teeth. Also when the client tongue trust it can be seen in the mandibular anterior teeth. These teeth will appear pushed forward, this could cause issues with the client periodontal health. Treatment for tongue thrust is use of a night guard or a permanent appliance but it all depends on what the individual can tolerate. Also the client could benefit from seeing an orofacial mycologist.
Homecare instruction is an important part of the dental visit. For clients with intellectual issues it is important to demonstrate brushing and flossing and have the clients repeat on themselves. Clients that have Autism often benefit from visual aids and calming directions. It is encouraged to also have written instructions for both client and caregiver to be reinforced at home this can help lower the risk of causing recession due to aggressive brushing. Each client and their needs should individualize no client is the same and neither should their homecare.

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