Do illegal immigrants have a rightful claim to free health care? Essay

Do illegal immigrants have a rightful claim to free health care?, 499 words essay example

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As our country becomes more congested with people and our economy becomes more ridden with debt the growing debate as to whether or not the United States should provide free health care to illegal immigrants is unimaginable. As a United States citizen there is access to all health care benefits. Yet, we ask ones self whether or not illegal immigrants have a rightful claim to free or more cost friendly health care. The answer is no! The first point that is made is they do not have insurance. This is a major problem because there is no money going back into the health care system. This leads to more debt for the country. Also illegal immigrants tend to use the hospital emergency room to obtain care. This can be very costly and tends to be taken advantage of. In the end United States tax paying citizens end up paying for it. If the United States did not allow illegals immigrant to abuse the health care system the cost for citizens could potential go down.

With the rise of illegal immigration, a major problem has raised with our United States boarders. Many immigrants come to this country attempting to make a better life for their families. While these illegals immigrants come over with good intentions it still does not excuse from them breaking the United States immigration laws. A multitude of steps have been taken to reduce the amount of immigrants coming through the boarders unlawfully. Yet, the numbers dont lie with the amount of undocumented immigrants that are now in this country. There needs to be more restrictions along our boarders. A very popular suggestion is a long wall that goes across the whole boarder line to prevent any immigrants coming in to the country. By building the boarder wall, tightening security and enforcing the laws at the border line that would make the United States safer and more secure.

Secure is a word when one thinks of providing for ones family. Unsoundly in other countries the idea of a better life in the United States is too hard to pass up. After immigrants sneak into the country to obtain illegal jobs it is realized very quickly that the American dream is not so easily obtained. It is no secret that there is a job shortage in the United States and it is hard enough for a citizen to find a job let alone and illegal immigrant. Without the illegal immigrants there would be more jobs available to United States citizens.

Particular employers like to hire illegal immigrants because the can pay them wages lower than minimum wage. This is completely illegal for the employers to do. Unfortunately, employers can get away with it due to the fact that the illegal immigrants are too scared of deportation. This fear has set a new low standard in our work force here in the United States. Employers would rather hire immigrants and citizens because of the money they can personally save. 


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