Issues of National Collegiate Athletic Association Essay

Issues of National Collegiate Athletic Association, 501 words essay example

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You and your team just won the BCS championship youre celebrating and having a great time. Your peers and NCAA think youre an awesome player. NCAA starts to sell things with your name on it but youre not getting a dime. Their promoting your name to profit their company but yet you is not making a profit at all. How would you feel? You figure that since your coaches and staffs are making millions of dollars why cant you make a little money .The NCAA is a multimillion dollar industry but has athletes are risking career ending injuries without pay and this is the problem. First of all the NCAA without athletes doesnt exist, if an athlete were too get injured they would lose everything including their free education, lastly the NCAA is considered a business. So the question is should college athletes get compensated?

The most valid reason to Bobby Rush is without themon the field or on the court, performing and entertaining millions of college sports fansthe billions of dollars that collegiate athletics generates simply would not exist. Without them, we wouldn't have millions of fans buying tickets for games and subscribing to expensive cable and satellite sports television packages, corporate sponsors purchasing luxury suits and boxes in college arenas and stadiums, or consumers paying top dollar for sports paraphernalia, jerseys and video games bearing the likenesses and autographs of their favorite college players. His points are critical to the controversy around the argument. The athletes are the foundation to the NCAA. All the money runs through them but no money is given to those earning it.

Student Athletes is always stated to an athlete that still attend school but thats not the case for collegiate athletes. If they were to get injured athletes could have potentially lost their free education. One of the reasons they attend college is too further education. Maybe they werent the smartest but the most athletic kid ever. One injury could end of their free education opportunities and send them tumbling into debt. If they could get paid athletes could somewhat withstand the expenses that was free of charge. Without compensation athletes will struggle paying tuition and other things because of an injury. This could cause transfers or even dropouts.

The controversy around this topic is extremely intriguing. Analysts state that athletes may not want to move up or get comfortable with the money being made. Some say the athletes will get lazy because of the income. Others claim the NCAA will not be able to afford to pay all collegiate athletes. The biggest argument is that the athletes according to the NCAA are amateurs. NCAA goes by something called Amateurism. NCAA Amateurism is required for all studentathletes that attend college. This stops them from making any kind of money using their athletic ability or name. According to Sportslaw.uslaw.com, As a member of the NCAA, State University requires that all of its studentathletes be amateurs in their sport. You are a

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