Drawbacks of English as the dominant language used in learning institutions Essay

Drawbacks of English as the dominant language used in learning institutions, 489 words essay example

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The world is becoming global, and English language has maintained as the dominant lais the one that is mostly used in learning institutions (Rostan, 2015). For this reason, the learning of the English should be prioritized in schools, colleges, and universities. This initiative will see an improvement in the education sector worldwide, which is quite commendable. The history of English is quite intriguing. It was first spoken in medieval England, but today it is the official language in more than 60 states. English is the third most common native language worldwide after Spanish and Mandarin. It has evolved for over 1400 years. The earliest forms of English were the AngloFrisian dialects.

Significance of the Study

Many students have traverse international borders in search of quality education in foreign nations. However, the main problem about these shifts is that most of these students come from countries where English is the second language (Keith, 2015). The native English speaking students cannot interact smoothly with these immigrant students because of the variances between these two sets of individuals. The learning institutions majorly cater for native speakers. For this reason, a huge gap exists between the approach to teaching English as a second language and the outcomes of the students (Keith, 2015). This research attempts to uncover the reason for the poor approach to teaching English as a second language. The study also explores the effect of monolingual approach to teaching the English language in schools.

Indespendent and Dependent Variables

This study will use both independent and dependent variables. A depend variable stands alone and is unchanged by other variables. An example is an individuals age, which cannot be affected by what he eats, how much TV he watches or how frequent he attends school. It is the independent variables that in fact effectuate changes in the other variables. The dependent variables are modified by other factors. An example is an individuals score in an exam, which could be the product of the effort he placed in his studies, hunger, sleep, etc. The independent variable of the study is the inappropriate metalinguistic approach to teaching language as the second language. The dependent variable in the study is an international students outcome in class. The research proposes the strategies to solving the problems that have persisted for many years in many learning institutions across the United States and other native English speaking countries.

Research Questions or Hypothesis

The research questions of the study include

  1. What challenges do the English teachers face in their profession?
  2. How is ones learning impacted by the fact that he is not a native English speaker?
  3. What are the possible strategies to remedy the challenges of teachers teaching English as the second language in learning institutions?

Purpose of the Proposed Research Topic

The goal of this research is

  1. To understand the effects of the teaching approach on the international student outcomes.
  2. To establish the best approach to teaching both native and foreign students and the

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