Final Fantasy 9 Essay

Final Fantasy 9, 480 words essay example

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom named Alexandria, far, far away from here, a beautiful prin-cess
Garnet was supposed to be kidnapped, on her birthday celebration, by a group of theatrical actors,
actually - masked thieves, whose leader is - you.
Final Fantasy 9 is the ninth title in series of final fantasy games, developed and published by
Square. You'll maybe lose yourself in a real-time graphic, watching the introduction of a game, by
getting an impression that is an animated movie or a story. Well, at some point it is, and you are the
main hero in it.
Game-story begins with the boss battle on an airship whose owners are thieves. The main task at the
first moment, for you, is to kidnap princess from her castle, but the thing becomes more interesting
when the princess wanted to be kidnapped. Trying to escape, with voluntarily stolen princess,
airship crashes in the Evil forest. And there the major plot begins. You will discover a terrible secret
of a Queen which tries to make soul-less soldiers for her kingdom, to start a war between nations.
The battle to defeat queen's plan at the end is turned over into the stopping the war.
During the quest, attempting to make the world safe place, you will travel across all continent,
which is dived into four ma-jor kingdoms. Expedition around the world is possible, with various and
interesting ways, but sometimes travels are interrupted by enemies attack.
The gameplay of Final fantasy IX is imagined as a role-playing game with the bunch of interesting
characters and an amusement names. While playing the game, you will have, besides main boss-
battles, a plenty of talks between characters and many useful mini-games in which you can receive
gifts, potion, cards. Opportunity to leveling up your character is also given, as well as, earn-ing
different abilities and skills during the battles. In main boss battles, you are offered more options
than just attacking the enemy, like defend yourself or steal from the enemy.
Useful indicators up above head of character appear depending on the situation like field-icon
which shows you, where are you on the field and question marks or exclamation marks which show
you that you need to talk with some character or something to col-lect.
Music in Final fantasy 9, compared to previous serials of final fantasies, is far better and powerful
and appropriate represent the current events in the game. Sounds are also fitted up very good and
they just make more pleasant the whole experience of playing.
For passionate fans of fairytales, imaginative creatures, castles, princes, dragons and, of course,
fantasy series players - Final fantasy 9, is a perfect entertainment in the free even-ing time. This is
one nice, calm, friendly family arcade game, with a lot of interesting and exciting events and
So, if you want to relax for a while and drift into the world of imagination, this game will take you
just to the right place...
Then, shall we start? 

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