"Blankets for a Brighter Day" Overview Essay

"Blankets for a Brighter Day" Overview, 498 words essay example

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The idea came to her when she thought about her cousin. When her cousin was in Childrens hospital in Omaha she never really got anything. She wasnt there long, just enough time to recover from surgery, but she still needed something. Katelynn missed the smiles her cousin used to give a lot with her. Katelynn realized her cousin needed something to reassure her that it was going to be okay! But, it was too late, her cousin was already checked out and at home! Then Katelynn thought what about all the other children? She knew there had to more children that didnt get anything when they were at the hospital. She wanted to make them feel better too. So, Katelynn knew a blanket would help them feel SO much better. Maybe not physically but emotionally they wouldnt feel so bad about being in the hospital. They maybe might even see a hope that they wont be there forever!
But Katelynn ran into her first problem, what kind of blankets could she make? There are so many different choices and how was she ever going to decide. She wanted something that was fast and easy. According to Wikihow the easiest blanket would be a tie blanket. But Katelynn wanted something unique too! So she found a double layer braided tie blanket. The blog Pieces by Polly said this blanket is unique and pretty easy to make! So Katelynn decided! She was going to create a double layer braided tie blanket and a few regular tie blankets!
Her next predicament was if there are any rules for making blankets and bringing them into the hospital. Katelynn didnt want to get any of the children even more sick from outside bacteria. Childrens of Omaha stated most patients already bring things from home. So a homemade blanket would be fine! Katelynn knew though that she would wash the blankets and dry them killing most bacteria before she would take them to the hospitals. Just in case! Most hospitals loved the idea of a high school student helping out the children! They dont see many high schoolers helping out. Katelynn knew this was what she really wanted to do!
The final thing Katelynn needed to decide where she was going to take the blankets. Katelynn had a family friend that worked at Bryan LGH. Her family friend said, taking blankets to children is a great idea, and I am sure they will let you bring some in. Katelynn already knew the Childrens hospital was going to let her bring in blankets. Her last problem was, she couldnt get a hold of Hastings Mary Lanning Hospital. She didnt know if she bring in blankets to MLH. Katelynn knew though, if they didnt let her bring any in, it would be okay. With the 2 other hospitals she would have her hands full already making blankets for them. If they let her bring some in, then wonderful! She can do more blankets and help more people!

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