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In Butte county, there are 5 Board of Supervisors. They're Bill Connelly, District 1 Supervisor, Larry Wahl, District 2 Supervisor, Maureen Kirk, District 3 Supervisor, Steve Lambert, District 4 Supervisor and lastly Doug Teeter, District 5 Supervisor. It does not vary from General Law. The Board of Supervisors are exercise by the legislative, administrative and appellate power that is authorized by the California State Constitute and Statutes, Butte's County Charter, and Butte's County Code. The 5 top agricultural products are rice, walnuts, almonds, dried plums, and nursery stock. There are only 4 top major industries in Butte county. They're Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Information Technology and Creative industries.
The services that highlighted me about Butte county homepage is, Butte county was identified as one of California's place of natural beauty with numerous opportunities in recreation either in rural and urban environments. It also states that the county is committed in protecting and intensifying agriculture as a backbone to their local economy and that make Butte county an attractive place to live and work.
I was able to find a link to Economic Development Corporation. The 2 data are Ag Speed Dating Results and Construction Speed Dating Results. In Ag Speed Dating, the overall survey results were 85% return rate from 32 of 39 present responding. In Construction Speed Dating, the overall rate of the survey results was 81% return rate from 35 of 43 present responding.
The County's population estimated in July 2014 was 224,241 residents. The diversity of populations of 2014 are white alone is 86.6%, Black or African American is 1.8%, American Indian and Alaska Native is 2.5%, Asian alone is 4.6%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander is 0.3%, Two or More Races is 4.2%, Hispanic of Latino is 15.5%, White alone, not Hispanic or Latino is 73.5%. The ages and sex rated from 2014 are Persons under 5 years, percent, July 1, 2014, (V2014) is 5.4%, Persons under 18 years, percent, July 1, 2014, (V2014) is 20.2%, Persons 65 years and over, percent, July 1, 2014, (V2014) is 17.0%, Female persons, percent, July 1, 2014, (V2014) is 50.5%. Levels of education in Butte county are High school graduate or higher, percent of persons' age 25 years+, 2010-2014 is 88.0% and Bachelor's degree or higher, percent of persons' age 25 years+, 2010-2014 is 25.0%. Teen pregnancy rates were 22.9% and non-teen was 54.3%. The 5 cities in Butte County are Biggs, Chico, Gridley, Oroville and Paradise.
After visiting the website of Fresno County, the population in 2015 was 972,297. The comparison of the population of Fresno County is much bigger than Butte County. Fresno County levels of education in High school graduate or higher, ages 25 years+, 2010-2014 is 73.2% and Bachelor's degree or higher, ages 25 years+, 2010-2014 is 19.5%. Butte County's education level is at least 14.8% more for High school graduate and 5.5% for Bachelor's degree. Teen pregnancy rates in Fresno County is 39.0%. Fresno County teen pregnancy rate is higher than Butte County's by 16.1%.

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