Reflections from a Reunion Essay

Reflections from a Reunion, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic:social issues,growing up,extracurricular activities,high school

Reflections from a Reunion
We have all been blessed! Some with exciting adventures, some financially, some with enduring marriages, some with children, some with grandkids, some with a rich family history. Others have lost parents, spouses, children, or siblings.
Some have served our country, others have honored and served our military men and women.
Some are caretakers of elderly parents others would give anything to have that opportunity one more time.
Some have stayed close to home others have moved to other states or countries.
Some have traveled the world others have never left the state of Missouri.
Some have grandchildren (and great grandchildren) others are still waiting for that joy.
Some have children others have been called to take care of orphans.
Some were cheerleaders and athletes others stood on the sidelines and cheered them on.
Some participated in lots of extracurricular activities others could not participate because they were up at 3 AM to milk cows and hurried home after school to do it again.
Some went to college others went into the trades or family business.
Some are doctors and lawyers and nurses and police officers others are farmers, mechanics, or work in the oil fields.
Some struggled as teenagers with family or social issues others seemed to sail through life.
Everyone has a story. Many wear it on their face others bury it deep inside. We share so many things because we passed through the same place at the same time many years ago.
Some have shared years as far back as they can remember, other shorter periods of time.
We shared many experiences that we viewed from different perspectives. We used the knowledge and experiences from school different ways to different ends. Growing up is hard. We make mistakes. We treat others badly. We do stupid things. The good news is that those of us who were given the privilege of living to be our age eventually grow comfortable in our own skin. We get to share lifelong friendships. We are facing similar challenges elderly parents with failing health, empty nests and empty hearts, winding down our chosen careers, aging bodies with aches and pains, not our choice but we share them none the less. All of our stories trace back to our common years in high school. I like to think that we are more similar than different. We should value what we share and embrace what makes us unique. We should take care of each other as we continue to age together. We view life from a similar perspective that only we share because of our shared experiences.
As we move forward, let's stay close or get close, get together periodically to celebrate the good times and share the bad times, reflect and remember the experiences and the people who helped shape us into the people we are today.
What a great weekend with great people. We missed those who couldn't or chose not to come. Love well, stay safe and keep in touch.

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