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Jeanne de Clisson, also known as "Lioness of Brittany', was a notable female pirate who won her fame in the fourteen century. Her life is an incredible story about the transformation of a noblewoman to a ruthless nautical outlaw. She was a courageous woman and even led her own fleet.
Jeanne's story began when she married her first husband, Geoffrey de Chateaubriand, with whom she lived in love and harmony and had two kids. A noble young lady from a wealthy family, did not think of anything else in her life other than having a family and taking a good care of it. Everything seems went fine until one day he died at young age. The young widow, with two children in her arms, was forced to somehow arrange their own destiny. Jeanne didn't have much choice, and she started to look for a new husband. She met a rich and powerful nobleman, Olivier de Clisson, who later became her husband. Their marriage was a success and a mutual understanding between the couple prevailed. They had five children together. It would seem that the life of Jeanne could have no more surprises, but history known how to surprise, even breaking the fate of those who seemingly appear to be incredibly strong.
A Hundred Year war began, and Olivier went for talks to Paris, but there he was arrested, charged with treason and beheaded. Upon receiving the news of the execution of her beloved husband, Olivier, she vowed the revenge on King Philp VI, who was responsible for her husband's death. Jeanne was not one of these women who forgive. Without hesitation, she sold their family possessions and bought three of the largest and most modern at that time warships. She repainted the ship hulls in black and the sails in the red, and became a pirate. Jeanne was always personally involved in all the attacks, fighting alongside men, brutally killing most of the crew members, leaving only a few survivors. This was not done out of pity, she intended to send a message to the king about her exploits. It was not until the death of King Philip VI, when she turned her anger exclusively on members of the French aristocracy and for those who got it in her hand. Lioness of Brittany personally beheaded with an ax, and throw the body in the sea. So, that's how Jeanne de Clisson became the one of the pirate women in the history of the corsair, that is, the first sea robber, whose name was reported to have serious historical sources.
Most interestingly, Jeanne lived to a happy ending. Her initiative was extremely useful to the British, because it facilitated navigation for British ships. After a little over a decade of bloody robbery war. She decided to leave her carrier as a pirate and settled in England and married a war hero Walter Bentley.
Jeanne was an extraordinary woman warrior, who was able to conquer not only the fortress, but also the heart.

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