Gun violence and gun regulations in the US Essay

Gun violence and gun regulations in the US, 488 words essay example

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Gun Violence
In 2005, an estimated 30,694 Americans died by gunfire due to homicide, suicide, and accidental deaths. The mortality rate was 10.4 deaths per 100,000 people. According to the article, more Americans die each year by gun suicide than gun homicide, however more people suffer nonfatal gun injuries from crime than from unsuccessful suicide attempts. According to a local district attorney, "Gun violence is what makes people afraid to go to the corner store at night." Gun violence in some neighborhoods decrease property values and economic development. Stated in the article, gun violence has notable effects on public health, crime, and living standards. A contingent-valuation (CV) survey found that the costs of gun violence in 1995 were on the order of $100 billion. $80 billion of those costs come from crime-related gun violence.
Gun Regulations
Gun Control Act of 1968 established the framework for the current system of controls on gun transfers. A primary objective of federal gun regulation is to minimize the policy spillover across state lines. All shipments of firearms, including mail order sales, are limited to federally licensed dealers. The dealers are required to follow all state and local ordinances and are to observe certain restrictions on sales of guns to out of state residents. According to the article, there are several categories of people who are denied their right to receive or possess a gun. These categories go anywhere from illegal aliens, convicted felons or an act of domestic violence, people under indictment, illicit drug users, and those who have involuntarily been enrolled into a mental institution. Also an age restriction was put on gun processions. Handguns are restricted to anyone under the age of 21, while long guns (rifles, shot guns, etc.) are acceptable to those under the age of 21. Dealers are also required to ask for identification of buyer and to get criminal history checks before being able to sell firearms to that individual.
The article on gun control and congress explains some solutions on better gun control laws and what needs to happen in order to protect our country more from gun violence. In the beginning of the article the Arthur explains how the NRA is still protecting themselves during a press conference when it comes down to horrific shooting events. The Arthur gives specific ideas on what president Obama is doing to help this problem but nothing will get done without the congress help in passing more laws. Since there is new governor in New York which is pushing for more attention on this subject he would be the first governor to act on gun control.
The article on more gun control by Jeffrey Goldberg gives you insight on some gun control activist who seek for a connection between the increased access to guns and gun violence. It compares some recent violent shootings on how it affected people in the states. Mostly the article covers on possible solutions that politicians can do to help prevent such tragic events from happening.

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