What makes us a critical thinkers and what are their main characteristics? Essay

What makes us a critical thinkers and what are their main characteristics?, 501 words essay example

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We often refer to critical thinking as a person who can think very clearly, with reason and complex ideas. This is halfway true. Yes that dose help to create a critical thinker but critical thinking also includes a combination of skills. Those characteristics are self-awareness, honesty, open mindedness discipline, and judgment. Using these characteristics with lots of practice develops an amazing critical thinker. That person can solve hard problems create new ways of solving it and using new ideas and techniques when needed.
Over time I realized that language barriers and conversation is what shapes us and keeps people together. Without it we wouldn't be stable enough to continue to survive. We would get nowhere. Using language helps conversations and conversations are a way to make a critical thinker. My old teacher Mrs. Beckman gave us a list of words we had to associate with positives or negatives. Everyone had a different answer and most of us didn't agree at first. But through talking we found common ground and using these lists of words allowed us to evaluate with our own perspective.
We are meant to be critical thinkers it's in our nature. Everyone can achieve it but some don't use their senses to evaluate the world around them. The way we use our senses is sight with our eyes and smell with our nose this allows us to sense what is going on around us and helps us evaluate the situation around us. The reason why our senses are a huge part of developing critical thinking is because our senses help us function in everyday life. Critical thinkers use their senses to notice problems around them and through those senses they would fix the problem. Whether it is weighting a essay to reacting wrongly to someone lashing out because of their own emotions all of these are done with our senses.
Rationality is the state of having or exercising reason, and sound judgment (Discipline). It requires proof and any proof that is found is taken into check and used and not avoided. Follow the evidence where it leads and be concerned with finding the most efficient solution to the problem rather than thinking you're the one who is right. I developed rationality by asking questions and solving problems to issues that arise in my every day life(Kirkland). Another is self awareness the state of having knowledge about ones self and intentions (Discipline). We are informed of what we can do, and what we are doing, along with what goes on around us.
If we fallow these steps it will allow anyone to become a critical thinker. To critically think is to put you outside of yourself and look at it from a new angle and others point of views. This enables anyone to achieve what they want to do. Everyone has a form of critical thinking it must be nurtured and exercised, not starved and forgotten because thinking is what makes us who we are and keeps us together.

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