How the presence of cholesterol in blood vessel can be detected by applying iris recognition algorithm Essay

How the presence of cholesterol in blood vessel can be detected by applying iris recognition algorithm, 494 words essay example

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Arcus senilis is a grayish or whitish bow shaped or ringshaped deposit in the cornea. It is associated to coronary heart disease (CHD). It is also recognized as a sign of hyperlipidemia. Iridology is an alternative medicine to detect diseases using iriss pattern observation. Iridologists believe that the grayish or whitish deposit on the iris is sign of presence of cholesterol or arcus senilis disease. We develop the simple and noninvasive automation system to detect cholesterol presence using iris recognition algorithm in image processing. This system applies iris recognition method to segment out the iris area, normalization process and lastly determining the cholesterol presence using OTSUs thresholding method and histogram to determine the optimum threshold value. The result showed that the presence of cholesterol was high when eigen value exceeds a optimum threshold value.


BiometricIdentification, Iris recognition, OTSUs Algorithm, Arcus Senilis , Cholesterol Detection.


The objective of paper is to explain how the presence of cholesterol in blood vessel of human being can be detected by applying iris recognition algorithm. Iris recognition is the most widely implemented biometric systems in use today. John Daugman has developed the most widely used algorithms and most efficient techniques of recognition, but there have been many new methods and algorithms [7]. In reference [5], we have studied the uniqueness and stability of human iris patterns and an open source iris recognition system. Cholesterol or Hypercholesterolemia is a high level of lipid or cholesterol in the blood poses a significant threat to persons health. It is a sign of elevated cholesterol. This may lead to cardiovascular diseases. It is caused by extracellular cholesterol deposition in the peripheral cornea, with the deposits consisting of cholesterol, triglycerides cholesterol esters, and phospholipids [12].

The current techniques for measuring the cholesterol level in human body are by doing blood test and the test is referred as lipoprotein profile. The lipoprotein profile is an intrusive method which causes discomfort amongst many patients. A laser based technology as nonintrusive technique to measure blood cholesterol or lipid through skin. This technique proposed infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopic as the characterization of cholesterol or lipid in the skin. Based on [4], our skin contains approximately 11 percent by weight of all body cholesterol and when several coronary artery diseases are present, the numerical values that acquired with the skin cholesterol test increases. Therefore, the palm test is not useful in identifying coronary artery disease and it is not intended to be used as a screening tool to determine the risk for several coronary artery diseases in general persons.

Iridology is one of the alternatives to the medicines, which claims that iris pattern could reflect ones health and expose the state of individual organs change. According to iridology chart, cholesterol in body can be detected if there is a sodium ring in the patients eyes. In order to have a simple and noninvasive means to be as a testing tool to detect cholesterol, we found that high cholesterol or lipid can be

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