Importance of the involvement that the drum track provides to each and every song Essay

Importance of the involvement that the drum track provides to each and every song, 477 words essay example

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I. What would peanut butter be without jelly, or how about a nice juicy well-seasoned T-bone steak without a golden brown roasted buttery potato? The answer to the above is most likely the same answer to a soft, angelic melody without a rhythmic drum track Incomplete!
II. As both a fan and producer of music for the last 20 years of my life, I have come to a musical secretion of appreciation for all genres of music and specifically the drum track.
III. My name is Michael Patterson and music is my life! Even though I no longer create music for fame or financial gain, I still find myself anticipating some of today's best music has to offer. In my past I have accomplished personal musical milestones that I am very proud of, from working with platinum recording artists, having multiple songs I produced on the radio, to bumping heads with producers that I would consider musical geniuses. Now as I set my sight on education, my musical career has slowly and beautifully drifted away. Yet, music is still my life!
Thesis Statement Where would the music of today be without DRUMS! Today I am going to help enhance your musical senses as a music producer by emphasizing the importance of the involvement that the drum track provides to each and every song that includes one.
Body (You should have two to five key ideas in the body of the speech labeled as I, II, III and so on.) Some of your key ideas may have one or two layers of sub-ideas, particularly where you have incorporated information from your sources. Use as many layers as necessary following the general outline pattern indicated below. For more information, review Chapter 8 of your Vasile text.
I. Drums provide the pulse (rhythm) of the song
A. Boom boom tap!
1. History of percussive instruments
2. The drum in African culture
B. Why we dance
1. Rudimental rhythmic procedures
2. Dimensions of communication within music (expression, mood, vibe, etc.)
"The earliest slave instruments included drums and an African transplant, the Banjo" - Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, 2016, 1p
II. Songs to pass time, send codes and lift spirits
A. Decoded
1. slaves actually put codes into songs to relay secret messages among their slave community
2. "Wade in the water" was used to explain how to escape from bloodhounds
3. Music heals the soul
B. Instrument, tempo and mood selections
1. The mood determines the tempo of your drum track
2. Choose your drum percussions accordingly (genre of your targeted song)
3. Selecting proper time measurements (3/4, 4/4 etc.)
4. Don't forget about sound effects (reverb, gate, etc.)
5. Practice, practice, practice your craft
Use the conclusion to summarize and recap the speech. Do not introduce new information. Summarize what you've discussed in the speech to provide closure, but don't simply repeat your introduction.
I. The benefits of drumming (psychological and emotional)
II. Always remember the relationship of percussion and melodies

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