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There is correlation between the intensity of fatigue with the severity of depression ( Fuhrer & Wessely 1995 , Lavidor et al 2002 , Lavidor et al 2003 ) .
Moreover , the prevalence of major depression particular time and lifetime was up to 15 times higher among persons with fatigue as compared to those without fatigue . Conversely , the existence of depression provided for a history of chronic recurrent or new onset of fatigue Skapinakis et al (2004). There is a relationship between the intensity of fatigue and levels " Somatization " ie . The intensity of various physical symptoms, Lavidor et al 2003 . Indeed , the greater the severity of depression the stronger the correlation of fatigue with somatization (interaction ) Also he severity of fatigue was associated with the degree of obesity even after checking the severity of depression (Lim et al 2005)
Relationship with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
2007 Fibromyalgia ( fb) and chronic fatigue syndrome ( CFS ) are conditions characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain in conjunction with a number of other events, such as depressive symptoms , headache , sleep disturbances , impaired cognitive function , abdominal pain , etc. .1,2 Between these two statements there is a significant clinical similarity and frequent duplication of their expressions . As has been reported by a number of researchers , a large percentage of patients with IN -Adults and children exhibit characteristic manifestations of CFS as recurrent sore throat , pyretio recurrent painful lymphadenopathy , photophobia / pain in eyes k.a.3 For causing the above conditions
They have been implicated in infections , disorders of the functioning of the central or autonomic nervous system .
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia have similarity in clinical presentation but should highlight symantikes differences a. Patients with CFS observed onset of symptoms after viral infection
b. Patients with CFS are not observed diffuse musculoskeletal pain or pain on pressure of fibromyalgia characteristic points in the musculoskeletal system.
c. Patients with CFS often observed reduced intake of information processing speed, whereas patients with fibromyalgia frequently observed effect of prosochis30
In most cases , in chronic fatigue syndrome involved a diagnosis of mental illness 1. estimated even a psychiatric explanation of the syndrome because of high rates of comorbidity in patients with CFS , the subjective nature of the symptoms and the absence of stable physical evrimaton2 . There is considerable disagreement as to whether the mental disorder exists as a primary feature of CFS or if it is a secondary appearance of debilitating symptoms. The existence of verified and 3/4 of cases in investigations of Wessely and Powell3 and Kruesi and syn4 .
The most frequent diagnosis is depression , and less frequently appeared anxiety and somatization disorder . An important feature still differs patients with CFS than those with depression, it is that the former are less likely to report feelings of guilt , low self esteem and blame themselves for their situation tous5 .

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