Marriage, Family and Death in the Lebanese culture Essay

Marriage, Family and Death in the Lebanese culture, 501 words essay example

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In the Lebanese culture civil marriage is not allowed. The two couples that want to get married usually take permission from their parents and that's when a wedding could be done. Any marriage is done by a religious authority depending on the religion that's practiced by the couple. They do have an after party where the bride wears a white dress and the groom wears a tuxedo. Some people may invite all their friends and family and they have a party at a luxurious place depending where they choose to have their wedding. In the Lebanese culture they are permitted to marry their cousins either if it was their parallel cousin or their cross cousin.
The Indian culture consists of many religions which are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism. Hinduism is the religion that is mostly practiced in India. The people of the Hindu religion worship nature, they worship the tress and animals as gods. The people of the Hindu religion do believe in god. The Muslim, Christians and Jews bury the dead and they pray for the dead individual. Hindus believe that the dead individual's soul can be reincarnated depending on the good and bad things they did in their life. A person that has done bad actions throughout his or her life may become an animal.
Hindus do not bury all the dead bodies but they do have funerals. After the Funeral ceremony they burn the dead body into ashes and bury them or they are given to the family. The family chooses how they want to dispose the dead body that has been cremated. The poor people may be buried and the saints sometimes are buried while seated.
In Lebanon, Islam is not the only religion that is practiced in this culture there are other religions practiced. The religions that are practiced in the Lebanese culture are Muslim Shiites, Muslim Sunnis, Druze's, Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic, and Armenian Orthodox, Armenian Catholic and other Christians. In the Lebanese culture religious figures have authority since religious authorities decide on many situations that have to do with people's rights. When a person dies regardless of what this person's religion is, funerals are done and this person is buried.
Family in India is one of the most important aspects in their culture. The families honor and loyalty is important to the Indian people. It is very important to have a unified family, many different relatives live in the same house whether it is uncles, nieces, cousins, parents or siblings they are all united under one roof. They are a joint family living in separate rooms but are in the same house. All these family members share many things together. For example income, property, the food they eat and they follow the same role models. The joint family is the common family in the Indian culture, it's the stable family and they all care for each other and help one another whether their old young or disabled.

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