Transgenders. Family, social and health – related issues Essay

Transgenders. Family, social and health – related issues, 486 words essay example

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Adolescence who identifies as transgender, may face backlash from family members (Johnson, Sikorski, Savage, & Woitaszewski, 2014). Many youths have experience parental disapproval, isolated from family gatherings, or force to become homeless because of their gender decision. Johnson et al. (2014) found that 35%-73% of LGBT participants study in a focus group were emotionally victimized by their parents, while 13% - 65% reported physical exploitation from other relatives. Also, Philips stated that "some parents may grieve over the future they had envisioned for their child, which may cause a withdrawn from parental roles "(as cited in Johnson et al., 2014, p.60). One strength of the study reflected detail struggles transgender families experience and one of the limitation was the result of the samples being similar in gender (females), race (whites), and economic status (middle to upper class).
LGBT youth that exhibits unusual gender behavior is met with anagatotics reactions. Grossman and D' Auguelli (2006) ascertain that transgender adolescence feared constant harassment and discrimination could intensify into malicious attacks because they're often sexually objectified in their community. Including healthcare facilities, education institution, and employment opportunities as common targets of exploitation of LGBT people (Grossman & D' Augelli, 2006). Furthermore, uncharacteristic gender expression is seem less acceptable in males which often creates adverse fallouts.
In addition, youth that has revealed their sexual orientation to others are apprehensive for their well-being. Surroundings that should provide tranquility for gender diversity youths are often dwellings where detestable violent deeds transpire (Grossman & D' Augelli, 2006 Johnson et al. 2014). These localities include after school programs, social services agencies, and group homes. Youth of color has experience greater height of transgender prejudice versus their counterparts. According to Singh (2013) youths are often affected by societal barriers and the recourse is usually substance abuse and/ or participating in perilous activities. A limitation of the study related to using convenience samples drawn from particular sites. Yet, a strength of the study emphasized new awareness of the meaning gender diversity.
Health Related Issue
Grappling with gender diversity ramifications often places gender nonconforming youth at risk for mental health problems (Grossman & D' Auguelli, 2006). Adverse reactions youth receive on disclosure often diminish their self-confidences. Such problems including feelings of isolation, suicidal thoughts, rejection from peers, family, and society generates risky mental health factors for transgender youth as seem in Yadegarfard, Bergmann-Meinhold, and Ho's research study (2004). Although they often depend on coping strategies to handle stress, Grossman and D' Auguelli (2006) indicated that lack of mental health support was often internalized by transgender youths as reflective of their marginality.
Furthermore, absence of healthcare conveniences is also a source of uneasiness in the LGBT population. Grossman and D' Auguelli (2006) reported on their focus group results in which transgender youth identified deprived access to medical treatments including HIV and STD counseling as problematic in their subgroup. Participants also recounted fear of discrimination by healthcare providers. Another concern of LGBT individuals is the inaccessibility to ongoing treatment for hormone sexual characteristics reassignment

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