My desire to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power and Control Systems Essay

My desire to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power and Control Systems, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic:electrical engineering,power

I am Syed Nafiz Hasan and I am a final year last semester student in Electrical and electronic Engineering at North South University. After my graduation I want to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power and Control Systems. I know a graduate program needs high dedication and perseverance and I believe I am mentally prepared for this. .As an Engineering student I have realized that I need to acquire more theoretical and practical knowledge and need to spend more time in research to prosper in my career. For this, research oriented advanced studies and hands on experience in new technology accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject is really important and best choice for me.
From the beginning of my undergraduate program I was very much interested to learn about power systems and control engineering. These two branches of electrical engineering have always fascinated me. In my undergraduate program amongst all the courses, power systems courses were my favourite which I really enjoyed to learn and these are- Power Systems Operation and Reliability, Switchgear and Protection, High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems . I learnt one control engineering course and the lab part of the course specially PLC programming seemed very interesting to me. The lessons from these theoretical and lab courses and visit of electrical substations arouse my interest for further research oriented studies in power and control systems. I want to learn and explore various sides of power and control systems and want to engage myself in research of this field. Automation in power system is one of my major interests for research.
After my MS, I want to utilize my knowledge and experience for the development of power systems of my country. In Bangladesh shortage of electricity generation is one the major problems and one big reason for this is high cost of electricity generation and transmission. Advanced knowledge in power and control systems will encourage me and also make me confident to work and face new challenges of power industry in my country.
A graduate program in IIT Guwahati will enable me a lot to fulfill my dream as I believe this is one of the best educational institute for advanced knowledge and research. I have gone through the website very carefully and I have realized that with excellent research facilities and highly knowledgeable faculty, this institute is a perfect choice for me. This prestigious institute provide its student a perfect environment for research which I really need. Graduate studies and research opportunities at this institute will be a lifetime opportunity for me.
I believe I have the ability and determination to pursue a graduate program at this institute. I hope that this institute will provide a grand opportunity to enrich my knowledge by offering me an admission. I sincerely believe that my academic study and research at your department would be meaningful and rewarding experience for me. I look forward for a long and mutually valuable relationship with the University.

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