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Susana Vasquez Henao
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April 11, 2016
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Donald Trump in New York Deep Roots, but Little Influence
By Susanne Craig and David W. Chen
February 24, 2016
Who hasn't heard of Donald Trump? Maybe in a distant land where there is no television, radio or any form of communication. With his snarky and some say racist remarks he has constantly been talked about. But do people really like him? In this article by Susanne Craig and David W. Chen published in the New York Times on February 24, 2016. " Donald Trump in New York Deep Roots, but Little Influence. I will talk about Trump and his power and try to win New York over.
Donald Trump is someone who is feared and that can make anything happen with just a phone call according to the article. When someone has so much power it can be horrible because people are afraid. It's a trait that can benefit you or destroy you. I believe that trump uses pressure and legitimating as influence tactics.
Some major banks are cautious to lend him money because after having lost millions of dollars in the past. Many of his past contractors and lawyers in the past has said that he would be slow on paying his bills. From what I read and many are careful to lending him money, he doesn't have the trust of many, which is something that a good leader should have. Although people would say trump does have power by the amount of money he has and people he knows. Many people don't know that about fifteen companies that are connected to trump owe banks $270 million.
" I don't use Wall Street much because I don't need money" I do my own financing," said Trump that statement alone seemed as if he doesn't need anyone that he can do it himself. Which I believe doesn't favor him because everyone needs help once in his or her lifetime.
Trump seems to have a very low LMX in relationships that represent low levels of trust and respect between leaders and followers. For example, when a contract that spoke to the paper anonymously because he feared that he would be sued by Trump said that Mr. Trump underpaid him on a large job, in one of his towers by approximately $100,000. The contract decided not to sue because the litigation would cost more than the actual sue. And now the two parties have not done busy together gain. According to this article Trump barely networks with top politicians or government officials or helps with campaigns.
A lot of Wall Street guys don't like him, they don't like the brashness, maybe" said Mr. Ichan's which is one of Donald Trumps power broker. Even his power broker said these things.
Overall if you support Trump or not this article explains some of his power in NY and his influence. It will be interesting to see if Trump is successful into winning NY.

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