Obesity: the modern approach to the problem Essay

Obesity: the modern approach to the problem, 90 words essay example

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In year 1980 had verity obesity was doubled in worldwide, from analysis report 200 million men and 300 million women was obesity adults. In the fact of obesity is define as abnormal and unhealthy life circle during their in child. On individual level, can used Body Mass Index (BMI) as tools for overweight or obesity.For used body mass index is to calculate high body fatness,therefore is a person weight in kilograms divided by height in meters. BMI average as BMI less than 18.5 is consider underweight. BMI 18.5 to < 25 within normal, BMI 25.0 to <30 is overweight, BMI 30.0 or above is consider obese.
In this current lifestyle a lot people having obesity, the cause of obese that were eating too much high energy food such as sugar and fat. However, during life cycle can found a lot desserts shop , fast food there also called a bad habits is easy to get obesity. Some people can take fast food as daily meals, or supper everyday with desserts or some people nightlife daily drinking alcohol as much they can drink also will become obesity, from analysis when take a glass of white wine can gain 160 calories or as high as 300 calories. Beside that, the most important is after taking high energy food lack of physical exercise to burn the calories that much after having high energy food will become obesity. Nowadays most people exercise with their eyes and fingers therefore playing phone, I-Pad, computer and others.
Being people who are obesity, were risk for health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer and etc. For whose are obesity with non-control easy to get high blood pressure also called hypertension, it is when blood pumping of the to heart but more artery wall had block by artery, blood cannot to move smoothly will get high blood pressure in this situation. Beside that, is stroke, when the obese people no prevent also no get any exercise will get stroke percentage is high because when the blood are block and fresh air no enough transfer to artery and brain.
To prevent obesity, have to maintain body weight and health lifestyle can plan a family day everyone to enjoy such as bike ,swimming, train walk or run together. There may limit time for gadget can have physical activity with them. Others, focus the daily eating plan such as low calorie food, nutrient food and limit sweets and alcohol for during choose food.
On this current trend, some people have transform to health food and health life cycle,some were taken supplement to get health body. There will change their lifestyle entertainment change to exercise day and some were change to eat clear reduce the high energy food.In additional, can reduce the number of obesity and become health world. The last, parents should change childhood lifestyle to make health way and parents put away the gadget have a family day , set a goal of healthy family lifestyle.

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