The problem of Chinese culture decline Essay

The problem of Chinese culture decline, 439 words essay example

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A few days ago , I saw a video on the internet , which called for deep thought . A foreigner said , " I find that the Chinese are not so fond of their culture . Even the people of our country like Chinese culture more than the Chinese like their culture . " This raises the question of where or not Chinese culture will decline from now on . I firmly believe that our Chinese culture will not decline . On the contrary , Chinese culture will become more prosperous one day .
Since reforming and opening , our national economy has been developing rapidly . We have a much higher standard of living , but we are not as fond of our culture as they used to be . In recent decades , our country seeks economic development and our citizens just want to make more and more money so that we seem to forget to inherit our culture and let alone to develop our culture . Modern Chinese people are very concerned about the culture of the West , such as celebrating Valentine's Day and Christmas , eating Western food , studying English , building Western-style house , learning Western art and so on . There are even some people who worship and have blind faith in foreign things and depreciate traditional Chinese culture . We do need to learning advanced technology of the Western for developing our national economy , and excellent Western culture is worthy of our study . But culture is the soul and blood of a nation . If our culture has been declining until we lose it , the spiritual foundation of the existence , development and multiply of the Chinese nation will be destroyed . In spirit , we will be orphaned . So we should lay more importance on our Chinese culture .
As is known to all , China is one of the four ancient civilizations , and has a very splendid culture with 5000 years history . Our ancestors have created many remarkable miracles on this land . Chinese culture has a very important influence on the development of the world culture , because China used to be very strong . Part of Japanese culture and Korean culture is derived from ancient China , such as Japanese Kendo , Kimono , Japanese tea ceremony , Korean Confucianism and so on . Chinese culture is so extensive and profound that we should be proud of it . There are rich and colorful Chinese culture , such as embroidery , the game of go , China , Chinese tea , Peking Opera , traditional Chinese medicine , Kung Fu , calligraphy , classical Chinese poetry , which are so wonderful that many foreigners like these very much .
Calligraphy is the quintessence of China , which is a widely practiced and revered in Japan . But now our writing ability is declining because of the development of technology .

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