Air Pollution as a Global Problem Essay

Air Pollution as a Global Problem, 501 words essay example

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Air pollution is the biggest problem that affected the entire world especially in the big cities that are having more population. Air pollution causes many problems to both the people and the environment. As day passes our environment fresh air is getting polluted because of the mixture of different kind of gases and it damages the whole ecological system. Since all human being is affected by air pollution, therefore, it is considered as largest environmental health risk. Pollution is the cause of many diseases ranging from breathes problems to lung cancer. Day by day the environment atmosphere is getting polluted because of many air pollutant factors such as gases from motor vehicles and low quality coal burning which results different kind of diseases.
Motor vehicles replaced gases smoke as the major cause of air pollution. Power is needed to run all the vehicles like planes, buses and automobiles which are produced by burning gases. Burning different gases produces wastes which gets in to the air and causes air pollution. Subsequently cars also create heats and it contributes to the decline of the ozone by putting holes in the ozone layer. Ozone is a neutral gas that has an important role in protection of human being against the sun's violet ray. Its decline causes cancroid, eye diseases, immune system weakening, reducing agricultural crops quality including cereals, and impacts on aquatic ecosystem like reducing the number of fishes.
Burning low quality coal is also a leading cause of air pollution. Manufacturing industrials release a large amount of gases like carbon monoxide, carbon di oxide, nitrogen oxide and organic compound. Industrial countries more suffer from air pollutions because of the coal usage in their industries. Even if the factories are located far from the cities or populated places still they will be affected. It results major health problems especially with breathing. Different kind of diseases like asthma, COPD or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, and liver cancer are caused by air pollution. The air pollution from the burning of low quality coals in power stations and industries is the major cause of acid rain. Acid rain has negative effects on our environment since it damages the plants, crops, forests and make lakes unsuitable for fishes.
In conclusion, air pollution became the biggest problem in the world. Today, the whole ecological system is being damaged due to different air pollutants factors for instance vehicle gases and burning coals in industrial factories. These air pollutant factors widely contribute to damaging earth ozone layer and cause many diseases as well. Henceforth, in order to keep our environment clean and far from any kind of pollution, we as an individually need to keep clean our environment. Government should ensure that the industries use high quality fuels instead of low quality coals. If not then government should legislate rules and regulations on using low quality fuels especially in factories. In order to maintain the process an audit is required to check and monitor industries and factories.

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