Product safety factor one of the urgent problems during concept design phase Essay

Product safety factor one of the urgent problems during concept design phase, 501 words essay example

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In the process of using 3D printing pen will have certain risk, especially when his writing skill in the use of metal will fever, so we need to be careful when using. In the commodity use and within a short period of time after use please do not contact with metal part written and nearby. Please do not put the fever of the goods contact with combustible items. Please store in out of the reach of children. Do not in the bathroom bath crock, near the sink or other places easy to touch water use goods otherwise it may cause electric shock and death.
In the face of these circumstances, we are going to have to make some measures. Some changes in the material aspect, for example, the company may consider the product caused by the metal written safety hazard for transformation. The company can be the product of the metal in a heat insulation material in the outside, thus to reduce the high temperature leads to the danger of burns. On the basis of this, the company can also add a cooling holes on this product, will not affect the product is beautiful. Technology permitting, the company also can do a socket type pen cap, the cap with the function of refrigeration. For convenience, you can also put the cover design as a plug-in. Then use after can cover refrigeration with the pen, not only convenient but also can reduce the risk.
Now let's focus on the safety of products, in the process of related to customer first, through the communication with customers, to understand the customer to the product safety is a basic need, this is also a "cornerstone" of product safety design, with risk, is the customer can accept the highest level of risk. Second, in the process of design and development, how to reduce the risk of product to the customer under the acceptable level of risk, even much lower than the customer expected value at risk, you need the product each link of risk identification, analysis, evaluation, and then into the parameters of the product. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the designer and the safety of the enterprise for the average user shall bear the obligation to continuously expand the scope of, don't allow designers and manufacturers in not of the danger of its products, or does not have the ability to predict the risk of cases, the product to the market. But many enterprise at present in the conceptual design stage of the product systematically consider product safety factor, lack of product safety evaluation in design process and product safety cannot be guaranteed. Designers in the conceptual design phase, therefore, analysis the risk of product and the corresponding safety measures is very necessary. Only in the concept design phase, to take corresponding countermeasures to effectively eliminate or reduce the risk of the products. And how to evaluate the design of security products, has become one of the urgent problems during concept design phase.

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