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Leadership is one of the independent variables in this research study. There are many different interpretations of leadership concept by the previous researchers. The concept of leadership can be understood by understanding the word 'leader'. Leadership comes from the word leader, which is 'one or more people who selects, equips, trains, and influences one or more follower(s) who have diverse gifts, abilities, and skills and focuses the follower(s) to the organization's mission and objectives causing the follower(s) to willingly and enthusiastically expend spiritual, emotional, and physical energy in a concerted coordinated effort to achieve the organizational mission and objectives' (Winston & Patterson, 2006).
According to (Northouse, 2010), leadership has the characteristics of trait, ability, skill, behaviour or relationship. It depends on one to view leadership as their opinion as it differs from one person's understanding to another. In addition, Northhouse mentioned leadership as a whole is said to be an influence process where, in order to achieve the same goal, one would influence a group of people. Northhouse further the explanation by saying to lessen the possiblity of a leader to use force against its followers in one leadership, it is needed to point out the mutual goals between them.
It is discussed by (Drath, Cynthia, Charles, Ellen, Patricia, & John, 2008), there are three key leadership outcomes coordinately proposed direction, alignment and commitment. Direction is the aims of the group that normally moves towards a change, while alignment is 'coordination and integration' to realise the direction and commitment is when people are willing to go for extra miles for the sake of the shared direction.
Leadership concerns a perspective on the process, which is the Leader Member Exchange (LMX) Theory. The LMX theory focuses on a dyad, the leader and each subordinate relationship that is considered independently, not the relationship superior and the group relationship (Lunenburg, 2010). This theory shows that often leaders behave differently towards one subordinate to another that they usually grow contrasting types of relationship with each and every one of them. A leader may act favourably to one of his subordinate but not to another. However, for whatever actions by the leader, it is quoted from (Swift, 2015) that "You kind of, actually lose power when you scream at people". She has also pointed out it is not just as effective leadership.
Lastly, from the researcher's own understanding of leadership, it is a process when one attracts a group of individuals to work together towards a shared goal. The progression for achieving the aim, there has to be a sense of unity among members of the group. Each member has to really understand and be responsible for their attitude. Good leadership is seen when the outcomes or results or desired goals are realised.
sharing comes from a root word of 'share', which means one's full or fair portion . In full, knowledge sharing is well-defined by (Davenport & Prusak, L., 1998)to be "a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information, and expert insights".

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