Objectives of transformational leadership Essay

Objectives of transformational leadership, 502 words essay example

Essay Topic:leadership

Transformational leadership assumes that people will follow that person who has the ability to inspire and motivate them. A person that has the passion and vision to excel can do great things. It also assumes that tasks can be accomplished by injecting energy and enthusiasm among the followers.
Transformational leadership uplifts the energy and passion of its followers. It takes cares about its followers. You will get a wonderful experience working with a transformational leader. Transformational leadership begins with the growth of a vision, a vision that will look into the future. This may excite followers. This vision can be developed by your leader, by a senior team member or by a series of discussions.
Transformational leadership will take every opportunity to convince and sell their vision t others. This leadership is adaptable and flexible Transformational leadership creates trust and personal integrity among its followers. It implements new ideas. Transformational leadership knows the route to move forward and simply wants other people to follow it. The forward route may not be in detail but it has a clear vision and the direction to follow. It accepts the fact that there are going to be failures ahead.
Transformational leadership can help its followers how to behave by their actions. This leadership makes efforts to inspire their followers, constantly enthusing and listening to its followers Transformational leadership should have a strong commitment to serve the people It influences its followers to follow the right path and encourages them to make a change in the environment around them. This leadership guides the followers from darkness to light. Transformational leadership should organize cultural programmes, rituals and ceremonies to sustain motivation among its followers.
Transformational leaders believe that can success through sustained commitment.
Transformational leadership are often be charismatic. Passion and confidence in transformational relationship should not be mistaken for truth and reality. Just because transformational leader believes that he or she is right does not mean he or she is right. Transformational leadership provides lots of enthusiasm to its followers but if it is relentlessly applied, the followers may wear out. Transformational leadership transform followers into leaders who are self empowered.
Transformational leadership articulate values and vision clearly so that the new leaders can move ahead in the right direction, Transformational leaders set an example and become a role model for its followers. Transformational leadership also does the job of mentoring its followers. That is it they give individual consideration to its followers. It s also provide some intellectual stimulation to its followers to enhance their creativity and innovation. It also recognizes the existing need of a potential follower and tries to fulfill it. Transformational leadership reshapes social and physical relationship. That is they destroy old way of living and make way for new one. Transformational leadership encourages people to surpass their previous levels of achievement. It is dynamic and innovative and can motivate an entire organization. It persuades and inspires its followers to excel. Transformation leaders show new way of looking at an old problem

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