Puma: Facts, Diet and Habitat Information Essay

Puma: Facts, Diet and Habitat Information, 500 words essay example

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Did you know that the Puma has the world record for the most names in the world? It has at least forty names in english alone so far, here are some examples Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion, Panther, Asiatic Cat, Puma Concolor, etc. The reason the Puma has so many names has partly to do with the colour. Because there is the Black Panther and some Pumas have spots all over them causing them to get confused with Cheetahs and Leopards.
Pumas are carnivores that choose to hunt during the night, Why would they do this you might ask? Well they hunt at night because some of the things that they eat are nocturnal. They eat rodents such as Rats, Mice, Raccoons, etc. they also eat Birds ,Owls, Rabbits, Deer and other hooved animals. But there has been some stray animals that have been eaten by these animals.
Mating season is mostly around December and March, the average litter size is about six cubs. When the female is pregnant the male continues to mate with other females until they feel like mating season is over. While the female is pregnant she prepares the den or cave for the cubs. The female's gestation period is ninety one days give or take. When the cubs are born they are blind for about two weeks then the can finally see. For camouflage the cubs are born with spots, this being when they are confused with Leopards or Cheetahs. When the cubs are about three to four months old the can start eating solid food. The average age for them to live is about twelve but some born in captivity have lived to be twenty-five.
The average weight for the Puma is one hundred and twenty pounds to two hundred and twenty pounds. Which kind of explains why they can't run that fast, they can only run up to fifty miles per hour, which is not fast for a cat of that size. Their average height is about two to two and a half feet, about the size from the floor to your knee cap or to the top of your calf. A Pumas life span is about eight to thirteen years old, not very long.
When a puma is born when they take their first breath their respiratory system is complete. The System consists of nostrils, nasal cavity, sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, etc. Like humans they have two separate lungs known as lobes. Also like humans the cats breathe in oxygen through either their nose or mouth heading down the windpipe to the lungs, then the oxygen goes to the blood and then the carbon dioxide is exhaled, starting the cycle over again.
The puma has a whole lot of other similar animals such as the Jaguarundi, Asiatic Golden Cat, Cheetah and other wild cats. Some of the similar animals have to do with looks, size, speed, domain, height, weight, class, etc. So not all of them are similar for the same reasons.

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