The issue of the performance-enhancing drugs usage in sport Essay

The issue of the performance-enhancing drugs usage in sport, 498 words essay example

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Professional baseball players convicted of using performance-enhancing drugs should not be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame. Major League Baseball's ban on what has become known as doping is clear and any player convicted has shown disregard for the rules of the game. The Hall of Fame inducts only the League's best. A player's hard work and dedication to the game must be obvious on and off the field. A clear disregard to true sportsmanship is a sign of weakness and bad judgment.
The war against drugs has been ongoing for many years. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was created by President Richard Nixon in 1973 to combat the nation's increasing drug problem. First lady Nancy Reagan started the "Just Say No" campaign in 1986 to help school-age children deal with pressure from their peers to try drugs. Having a drug-free country has been on the agenda of many law makers.
The ban on performance-enhancing drugs from Major League Baseball (MLB) has created an argument within America. Those within MLB, those that have done research, and the general public have different views and opinions. The general public relies on the media to provide completely accurate and unbiased information. The media presents their story and, through the power of persuasion, pulls the audience in the direction of what is portrayed in the story. Anyone that has dedicated time to research performance-enhancing drugs within MLB has educated themselves on the factual information. Those within the MLB Organization have formed their opinions from experience within. One should not form an opinion unless research has been done to gather all the facts.
The effects of steroid use are psychological as well as physical. Athletes want the increased muscle mass and overlook the numerous complications caused by performance-enhancing drugs. The aggression and violence experienced while doping is commonly known as 'roid rage. The New York Department of Health concluded some of the side effects are depression, mood swings, increased blood pressure, hair loss, and aggression.
Taylor Hooton began using anabolic steroids at sixteen years old. His desire to be the pitcher at his high school led him to use steroids. Taylor's parents noticed their once lively, happy son was depressed and plagued by pains. Taylor started seeing a psychiatrist and eventually told the psychiatrist of his secret use of steroids. Approximately six weeks later, Taylor committed suicide. Taylor's suicide has been used to try to sway other teens from doping.
Famous athletes are often held to a higher standard than the average public. So much is heard about famous athletes from the television, radio, and newspapers. Young children look to the celebrities and follow their trends as they are seen as role models. Athletes live in the spotlight and their every move is followed and studied. Athletes should follow a strict code of conduct because not only are they representing the MLB Organization, but are also setting examples for our youth. Do we want our youth admiring famous athletes that use performance-enhancing drugs?

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